How to grow pomegranate at home? And the spruce?


Grow kits are far from new. Many people are happy to buy these for themselves, children or as a gift. What is the point? It’s simple: a person receives a kit that already contains soil, seeds and some container where you can plant a future plant. A simple step-by-step instruction will help germinate the seeds, and then transplant them correctly.

Oktaur offers 3 types of sprouting kits: URBAN Cube, VILLAGE Cube big and VILLAGE Cube small.

In the URBAN Cube set, a small concrete planter serves as a pot for future seedlings. Among other things, it is a stylish option that will harmoniously fit into any space. Each product is handmade and has a unique texture. The dimensions of the pots are 8 * 8 * 6 centimeters, where the last indicator is the height. The product weighs 500 grams, which is heavier than a regular pot. And this is a plus for those whose pets have a tendency to throw things off the table 😊

It is important that the pots can be used repeatedly. For example, transplant succulents or another small plant there. There is also an option to use as a vase for a composition of dried flowers. Or add functionality and put writing instruments / makeup brushes / cosmetics / other trifles necessary in the household. One of the principles of sustainable living says that you need to give things a second life, and the planter from URBAN Cube is a perfect illustration of this.

In total, there are 5 options for germination:

1. Blue spruce
2. Mimosa bashful
3. Echinocactus
4. Pomegranate juicy
5. Agave is noble

The sets differ from each other by the color of the box in which they are packed, and by drawings illustrating which plant is inside. All this looks nice and quite representative, which removes the issue of additional packaging in case of purchasing URBAN Cube as a gift.

The VILLAGE Cube big and VILLAGE Cube small sets differ from the previous model in the material: wooden cubes into which plants are transplanted. The kit comes with a special cup where you need to fill the soil, and then put it in a pot. Here the choice of plants is much larger:

1. Echinocereus (only for the small set)
2. Echinocactus albino (only for the small set)
3. Lilac
4. Decorative pepper
5. Real mimosa
6. Melissa mojito
7. Lavender
8. Strawberries
9. Blue spruce
10. Room pomegranate
11. Fragrant basil
12. Noble agave (only for the small set)

The sets differ from each other in the size and color of the cube. VILLAGE Cube big is a planter with a rib of 8 centimeters in beige, while VILLAGE Cube small is 6 centimeters and a black cube. A large set weighs 220 grams, a small one only 100. By typing several different options, you can arrange a whole garden on your windowsill. And it will look absolutely amazing!

Who would like this present?

Gardener. And for both pros and amateurs — the kit comes with detailed instructions.

To kid. Of course, the set can only be used with adults. There are a lot of pluses here: this is watching wildlife right at home, and the opportunity to instill love for the environment, teach how to take care and care, even for a plant.

New settlers. As a symbol of the beginning of a new life.

Newlyweds. You can germinate a little in advance, for example, a tree. And to offer, when the time comes, to land him as a sign of longevity and love.

As a corporate gift: for the company’s birthday, February 23, March 8, professional or environmental holidays.

To your beloved. Surprisingly, the germination kit gives amazing emotions from the moment of purchase. Gently germinate the seeds, transplant, observe the development of the sprout, take care … It’s a real pleasure!


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