How to choose a water bottle?


Water bottle — why do you need it, features of metal, glass, plastic and silicone containers. Why do you need a water bottle? Reusable water container is a trend that appeared relatively recently, but immediately became insanely popular. It is used by athletes, models, adherents of proper nutrition and so on. For those who are still not sure whether a water bottle is needed or not, here are some facts to consider: Using these containers saves the environment. They are used many times and are not thrown away after being emptied. Buying a reusable water bottle saves money and pays for itself within the first month. Such a capacity allows you to quench your thirst at any time, which will positively affect the state of the body.
Let’s take a look at what types of water bottles are there? The popularity of this product has led manufacturers to use different materials for manufacturing. A reusable water bottle can be made from metal; plastic; glass; silicone.

Metal water bottle

This product belongs to the premium segment and is completely safe for health. The iron water bottle is made of food grade steel. It does not rust, does not react to acid in drinks. The stainless steel water bottle is a lightweight container, which at the same time has great strength and durability.

glass water bottle

This option is used when there is a need for a container that is endowed with resistance to odor absorption and color change, does not emit toxins when heated or in other situations. The glass water bottle is currently made from impact and heat resistant borosilicate glass. Some manufacturers complete products with a protective sleeve made of silicone or fabric.

plastic water bottle

Such products are made of food or medical material that does not emit harmful substances or odors. This water bottle is lightweight, compact and impact resistant. The material is able to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations from -50 to +200ºС.

Eco water bottle

Such containers are made of high quality polymer. The reusable safe eco water bottle does not break and cannot injure the owner. In addition, it has a lid with a valve, which increases ease of use. Tanks are made of special and completely safe polymers or inert metals.

Water bottle with infuser

Fruit juice lovers will love this water container. Thanks to a special container called an infuser, you can put pieces of fruit inside, then fill them with water, shake a couple of times and get a natural drink without sugar. In order to enjoy the coolness in the summer, you can add pieces of ice. The bottle itself can be made of glass or thermoplastic. The container in which the fruit is placed, as well as the lid, can be easily removed. This greatly simplifies the cleaning process.

Collapsible water bottle

A handy item for long walks or hikes. The soft water bottle makes luggage as compact as possible because it takes up minimal space when folded.

How to choose a water bottle?

To purchase a quality product, you need to know what characteristics are important to consider: Material safety. Well-known manufacturers use only safe raw materials in their production. Bottle volume. It all depends on the mode of drinking and the purpose of the purchase. The type of opening of the lid. There are models with unscrewing or reclining. Ergonomics. Here you need to rely on personal feelings, the bottle for the liquid should be conveniently located in the hand. Hygiene. The container should be easy to clean. It is better if there are as few different bottlenecks as possible in it that cannot be reached. Ease of transportation. The parameters of the bottle must match the stand. Marking. The container must have certain information on the bottom, which indicates the possibility of reusable use.

How to wash a water bottle?

Many owners of reusable containers are interested in how to remove the smell from a water bottle. Any material is easily cleaned with baking soda. Two spoons are enough for a 1 liter container. The resulting solution is left for 2 hours, and then rinsed with clean water. A bite is poured and diluted with water. Leave overnight, in the morning everything is thoroughly washed with warm liquid. Rice is poured inside the water bottle, dishwashing detergent and warm water are poured. Shake several times. You can remove the unpleasant odor with hydrogen peroxide. The agent is poured inside in an amount of 70 ml. Close the lid tightly and shake well for several minutes. Then they rinse in clean water. All small parts are washed with a brush, on which dishwashing detergent is poured. It is pushed into all hard-to-reach places.

What bottle do you choose?


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