How not to forget something important?


No, we will not give you advice from leading coaches and tell you about the latest in time management. But on the other hand, we will help you to do an important thing: to please your loved ones with gifts for the spring holidays. The selection contains functional and useful products that help you to be energetic, look after your appearance and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Gifts for everyone

Although on March 8 and February 23 it is customary to give gifts specifically for women or men, you should not refuse universal options.

Medical massagers

Medical massagers help to relax both after a workout and after a hard day at work. They relieve tension, relieve stress and improve sleep.

We offer a whole line of NIRVANA medical massagers to choose from, made on the principle of the Kuznetsov applicator with magnetic inserts.

They are effective due to the combination of the action of acupuncture spikes and magnets on the surface of the skin. Massagers create impulses over a large area of ​​the body and improve blood and lymph flow, act on active points. With their help, you can relieve muscle clamps and spasms, speed up the process of weight loss and relieve pain, as well as prolong the effect of physiotherapy. Magnetic inserts create a constant magnetic field and enhance the therapeutic effect.

Massagers are presented in the form:

· medical mats 40 cm x 65 cm made of natural cotton with a soft filler: bright turquoise-orange rug with 45 magnets and light green rug with white and yellow inserts with 9 magnets;

· acupuncture massage roller with magnets. The height of the roller is 10 cm, and the parameters of the base are 37 cm by 15 cm. This area is enough to comfortably place the roller under the lower back, neck or head. It can also be used to massage the feet or influence the active points on the palms.

· massage cushion. This massager perfectly helps to eliminate the problems of the collar zone and neck. The ergonomic shape of the pillow and correctly distributed active elements in combination with magnets make it possible to use it not only for massage, but also for comfortable rest. The size of the pillow is 30 cm by 30 cm.

Collapsible silicone bottles

This is a modern and convenient device. The bottle has not only a durable silicone carrying cord, but also a pill compartment. Such a thing is useful in the gym or on a long trip, and is also good for daily use.

The silicone bottle will not break, will not wrinkle, and when folded it will fit even in a small handbag or backpack pocket. The bottle weighs only 220 g, while 400 ml of liquid is placed in it. Presented in two colors: turquoise and pale pink.

gifts for him

Since February 23 comes earlier according to the calendar, we will first talk about gifts that are more suitable for men.

Making a traffic jam to the office or sedentary work not so tiring will help massage cushion «BLISS COMFORT» with heating. This is an electric massager that can be securely mounted directly on the car seat or office chair. It is charged from the socket and from the car cigarette lighter. In this case, the pillow can be thrown over the back as a headrest, put on the seat or secured with a special belt in any other convenient position. There are 4 rollers in the pillow that work in two directions, and the reverse is done automatically every minute. It is possible to do both a general massage and act on active points according to the principle of shiatsu massage.

The kit includes a removable cover and an additional car adapter.

If you think that you should not be limited to a separate massage area, then a great choice is massage car seat cover. It has rollers for acupressure Shiatsu, and in addition — vibration mode. You can control such a cape with a special remote control, which is especially convenient on the road.

If there is a need for regular massage, it can help out wireless body massager with interchangeable attachments. It has 5 modes: light, toning, relaxing, intense, deep and even anti-cellulite, 6 speeds and 7 different nozzles for different purposes. The long handle design makes it easy to reach any part of the body. Its continuous operation time is 15 minutes. Since it weighs only 230 grams, it is quite possible to take it with you on trips.

Gifts for her

We tried to pick up first of all such gifts that will help preserve the beauty and tone of the skin, while being easy to use and reliable.

Roller 3D— massagers

This is the simplest, but, with regular use, a very effective way to maintain skin tone and turgor. 3 options presentedD— massager with two and four rollers. The rollers of the massager are polyhedra, which increases their working surface. Working with such a massager provides skin lifting, relieves swelling, improves blood circulation, relaxes and models the contour of the face, prevents and smoothes mimic wrinkles. The device with 4 rollers can be used for full body massage.

Ultrasonic device with nozzles for brushing

Used for regular anti-aging care at home.

Main functions: ultrasonic peeling, phonophoresis, (the introduction of cosmetic preparations into the deep layers of the skin using ultrasound) and micromassage.

And for daily care and for cleaning the skin before the main procedures, you can use special silicone hypoallergenic nozzles for brushing, gentle mechanical peeling of dead skin cells.

The simulator for the correction of the silhouette of the neck of Nefertiti

Designed for special gymnastics for the preservation and correction of facial contours, prevents and eliminates the appearance of a double chin. Does not require battery or mains power supply, tk. completely mechanical: you clamp the simulator with your chin and, by moving your head, overcome the resistance of the springs inside the device. The degree of loading can be adjusted. To maintain muscle tone, just a couple of minutes of training per day is enough.

We tried to pick up gifts for you that will help make your loved ones feel better, life more convenient, and beautiful ladies will be given the opportunity to be even more beautiful. After all, a gift is an expression of care, love, attention and support, and the holidays of March 8 and February 23 are an excellent occasion to please your other half, relatives, friends or colleagues with all your heart.


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