What fabric to buy pajamas from?


There is such a variety of goods, types and models on the market now that sometimes I wish there was no such choice) It would seem such a banal request — to buy pajamas, but how do you start choosing: tencel, silk, cotton, viscose, satin, bamboo, fleece … Head around. I understand you perfectly. Until she created her own clothing brand and plunged headlong into the world of fabrics and accessories, she did not understand anything about it. I could choose according to tradition, following my favorite female principle: to be beautiful)) And then in fact it turns out to be uncomfortable to sleep in such pajamas or the color fades after one wash. I think I should not even start talking about the fact that sleeping in 100% synthetics is a bad idea , everyone knows that. Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the fabric. Natural fabrics fully comply with hygienic standards and contribute to the creation of a favorable microclimate, your skin simply breathes. Also consider the seasonality and quality of the seams (they should not be rough and dig into the body). Again, my head is spinning … for the sake of buying pajamas, dive into the world of fabrics and know so many nuances. Lady, I already did it for you) Trust a professional. In order to create a collection of pajamas for you, the fabric market has been studied inside and out. Pajamas VV — ‘naturalness, environmental friendliness, aesthetics and high quality tailoring: every seam and button is checked by me. With care for you and your comfort. I create VV pajamas according to the principle of the great Coco Chanel: I make them for myself first of all and wear these things with pleasure myself P.S. Why I chose tencel and about all its properties I will definitely tell you in more detail.


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