Self-adhesive towel holders as an alternative to conventional wall hooks.


Self-adhesive towel holders are a great alternative to conventional wall hooks for the bathroom, kitchen, hallway! No more drilling the walls and waiting for the master to install the hook on the wall. You can stick the clip-holder in any convenient place on a flat surface. Towel holders with push-pull technology are very convenient to use. The towel is simply pressed into the silicone center with a finger and removed just as easily. Even a child can do this! You won’t see any more towels lying on the floor.

Thanks to the classic color scheme, the towel clips will fit into any interior of the bathroom, kitchen or hallway. In addition to towels, you can insert kitchen aprons, potholders, bathrobes into the holders. Withstands weight up to 1.5 kg, is not afraid of moisture.

Installation nuances that must be observed in order for the holder to serve you faithfully for a long time:

1. Clean and degrease the surface well

2. Remove the protection from the adhesive base

3. Press the holder and hold for 1 minute

4. Wait at least an hour (it is better to leave it overnight)

5. Use with pleasure!


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