How to restore skin after winter


In winter, the skin is forced to resist negative environmental factors with a vengeance: cold air outside, irritation and dryness due to insufficient moisture and lack of vitamins. In anticipation of the warm season, the focus of our attention is the skin of the face. With the approach of spring, we intuitively want freshness, lightness and transformation. Now is the time to start preparing your skin for the summer season.

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peeling of the skin is one of the most popular procedures in the aesthetic medicine market. The name comes from English. «to peel» — peel, scrape, peel. Professional chemical peeling is a method of controlled skin damage using chemical agents (most often acids), the purpose of which is to stimulate reparative processes in the epidermis, which leads to a significant improvement in the quality and appearance of the skin. Unlike hardware peeling methods, such as laser resurfacing, professional chemical peeling for the face is relatively easy to use and does not require special conditions for implementation. To buy a chemical peel, serious material costs are not needed. The combination of these factors, combined with the high efficiency and effectiveness of the method, especially for oily skin, will give maximum comfort and effect to the buyer. The chemical peeling procedure has been one of the market leaders in aesthetic medicine in demand by customers for more than a decade.

Made by professionals for beloved clients

Professional peeling kits «LA BEAUTE MEDICALE» will help restore the energy balance and skin turgor, activate regenerative processes and improve cell oxygen saturation, are effective in pigmentation, photoaging and age-related aging of the skin, the face acquires a fresh «radiant» look and evens out the tone of the face. Sets «LA BEAUTE MEDICALE» for a course (at least 10 procedures) of professional peeling at home are as safe as possible, effective, easy to use, no pain, swelling and irritation, the result is comparable to the result of a procedure in a beauty salon.


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