How to remove old stains from kitchen towels?


We continue the topic of life hacks on the use of tablets for PMM. Every housewife in the kitchen will definitely have towels with stains that cannot be washed off with a regular wash.

Let’s try to deal with them together.

Boil about 0.5 liters of water. Pour the water into a bowl/bucket and add 1 ALAPURESA dishwasher tablet.

When the tablet dissolves — soak our towels in soapy water for 40-50 minutes (you can leave for an hour).

An hour later, one of our towels was already clean, and I washed the second with my hands a little more. After that, the towels can simply be rinsed in clean water. But I threw them in the washing machine to wash off our soap solution well.

The result exceeded all expectations. Towels are clean, white and spotless.

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