How to dress up for prom


Graduation is the first step towards adulthood! There are so many events ahead… But now I’m only thinking about the main thing: dress, hairstyle and evening make-up. The task is «not childish», so let’s do everything right. Do you know what you need for makeup? Good makeup, yes. But not only. There is one «ritual» that cannot be ignored. It is simple, but so useful that it is simply necessary! One, two, three, four — and you’re done. You can put on makeup and go to the ball.

Preparing the skin for makeup

I’ll tell you about the classic scheme for all occasions. You will master it and you will always look perfect. So, preparation in 4 steps:

1️. Peeling

Cleansing makes the skin smooth, frees from dead skin particles. The surface becomes ideal and the make-up lays down evenly. What can be done peeling in the summer? Dry brush for the face, which I love to talk about.

2️. Moisturizing and massage

Without further ado, I recommend the Squalane serum and the amber massage stick.

The first moisturizes and nourishes the skin without leaving a hint of oily sheen.

The second will relax and relieve the clamps, as well as dissipate anxiety.

3. Primer

It is needed for easy application and durability of makeup. But pay attention to the composition: if the primer contains silicone, it is not suitable for a water-based tone.

4. Lip balm — the final touch of preparation. While you are painting, it will be absorbed, moisturize and smooth. The lipstick goes on flawlessly.

Try our hit with hemp and verbena. This round jar is indispensable in the care of delicate, sensitive skin.

OK it’s all over Now! I’m sure you’ll be an amazing graduate.


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