How to brew beer at home (18+)


No, we are not talking about import substitution here. We talk about how to surprise a beer lover by inviting him to create his favorite drink on his own.

Yes, yes, it didn’t seem to you to brew beer at home.

But do not rush to close this article with thoughts “Ooh, this is expensive and complicated.” No and no. Let us prove it.

Let’s start with «expensive»

You can, of course, start to wool different stores with breweries, collect ingredients in each … as a result, a killed day (if only one day) in search of ingredients and disappointment from the amount that you end up spending (believe me, we checked ). Well, lost nerves, of course.

Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a set at a bargain price at once and, thereby, not spend a lot of hours and money? We think it’s easier.

That’s why we created a few years ago (before it became mainstream) the Brewer Box, which is one of our most popular boxes to this day. With it, a man can prepare up to 23 liters of beer!

As part of a set

  • Nozzle-yeast trap for the faucet. Prevents the ingress of yeast sediment when pouring beer from the fermentation tank into bottles.
  • Faucet for fermentation tank. For bottling beer from the fermentation tank.
  • Hopped malt extract Muntons Pilsner 1.5 kg (22-23 liters of beer) to quench just thirst and thirst for creativity. Made in England (yeast included under the lid).
  • Mangrove Jack’s «Pure Light» unhopped malt extract (1.2 kg). Qualitatively raises the taste and stability of the foam to a new level. Used in place of or with dextrose. Made in England.
  • disinfectant tablets. Removes 99.9% of bacteria from all equipment./Overflow hose. Silicone, comfortable, professional.
  • LCD thermometer. Controls fermentation temperature. Attaches to container.
  • Company brochure. With brewing instructions.
  • Water seal with rubber band. It is necessary for the fermentation tank during the fermentation of the drink.
  • Dextrose (0.25 kg). Instead of sugar and a thousand words. Improves the palatability of all craft spirits.
  • Hydrometer (0-25 gr). Determines the end of the primary fermentation and the content of the degree of the drink.
  • Wooden box MANBOX (30x30x30 cm).
  • Crowbar nail puller (30 cm).

The only thing you will need to buy separately is a 30-liter fermentation tank (with a lid and a hole for a water seal, they can be easily found at a price of up to 1000 rubles) and bottles into which beer will be bottled (glass or plastic). Simply because all this did not fit in our box. So, let’s move on) And what about «difficult»? Yes, nothing)) Following the detailed instructions (it comes with the kit), you can quickly figure out what’s what. None of our customers complained about the difficulty. On the contrary, they talked about how interesting the brewing process turned out to be. Assembling Do not believe it, but assembling the kit comes down to just installing a faucet. Everything. Disinfection of equipment This is an important step, as bacteria, wild yeasts and molds can spoil the taste of beer. All equipment must be disinfected. For this, you need disinfectant tablets, which are included in our box. Using them, it is easy to prepare a disinfectant solution and clean the equipment according to the instructions.

Wort preparation

At this stage, a man will feel like a real creator and magician! In fact, the preparation of the wort is the primary fermentation. At this stage, we prepare the dextrose syrup, mix it with water and malt extract in a fermentation tank, keeping the temperature at 18-24 degrees. Then brewer’s yeast is added there, evenly poured onto the surface of the wort ( without stirring). After that, the container is closed, a plug with a water seal is installed in the container lid. Boiled water is added to the middle of the water seal, and that’s it. The fermentation tank is placed in a place without direct sunlight with a temperature of 18-24 degrees. A sign of the correct process can be air bubbles in the water seal, the fermentation process usually begins within 24-48 hours after adding the yeast to the wort. Then the container is left for 6-8 days. By the end of the main fermentation, the appearance of bubbles in the beer will be quite rare, about 1 time in 15-20 minutes, which will mean the fermentation of the main part of the sugars in the beer and the readiness for the next stage. How to brew beer at home?Bottling and fermentation.
At this stage, you will need to prepare the bottles first — sanitize them. After that, we begin the fermentation process. Pour a small amount of dextrose into each bottle (according to the instructions). Then, holding the bottle at an angle, pour beer into it — so that it does not reach about 5 cm to the top. Then mix the contents until the dextrose is completely dissolved and leave the bottles in an upright position for at least 14 days. How to brew beer at home?Ready! You have prepared live unfiltered beer! And it’s not that hard, is it?)


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