How does the change of surname affect the fate of a person?


How does the change of surname affect the fate of a person?

With the onset of a warm spring season, the number of newlyweds increases sharply — lovers rush to the registry office, plan the upcoming wedding and a joint future. And one of the exciting questions facing the brides is the decision to change the surname. On the one hand, in our society it is customary to take the husband’s surname, on the other hand, not all girls agree with this. However, changes in documents are fraught with not only the problems of beautiful consonance or the approval of a loved one. A change of surname implies the onset in a woman’s life of a radically new milestone associated with the history of the Family of a newly-made husband.

The magical essence of changing a surname

The surname of each person carries information about his Family, including the ancestors of all previous generations. In fact, this is a powerful energy egregore, in which all karmic knots, family curses and other magical “troubles” are closely intertwined. It’s great when in the Family all people were successful and accommodating in character — then the surname also keeps positive energy, which applies to all its owners. However, in practice the opposite is often the case.

Entering into marriage and taking the surname of her husband, the woman thereby “enters” into his Genus. The official painting has a special meaning in magic — from that moment on, the wife becomes a full member of the family, recognized by all generations. Accordingly, all the energy flows accumulated in this family will from now on have a strong impact on it.

On the one hand, the lawful wife receives the protection and assistance of all her husband’s ancestors. On the other hand, it takes on all the «echoes» of the past. Therefore, before agreeing to such a step, it is worth thinking seriously. And, of course, try to find out as much as possible about your future family.

In the fate of a person, the harmonious combination of his last name, first name and patronymic plays a huge role. Therefore, when choosing a name for a child, parents need to take into account many factors — the consonance of all components, and the formed astrological number, and taking into account the date of birth. In the future, this will affect the character of the baby, his inclinations and talents, propensity for certain actions, luck in life.

It is quite possible to change one’s destiny without marriage — there are cases when people change their surnames of their own free will. In most cases, this is due to dissonance and negative associations. But, knowing the consequences of such a step, the procedure should be approached with all responsibility. And it is better to turn to numerologists, astrologers or magicians.

What to do when getting married?

Of course, today every woman decides for herself which option is more acceptable for her. But we must not forget about the traditions of our society — after all, wives took their husband’s surname for many centuries. And this became a kind of sign that the spouse agrees with the leading role of the man in the family. This puts a responsibility on him — to be a provider and a protector.

No matter how times change, the established foundations still bear the strongest imprint. And many men are not ready to accept the fact that their bride refuses to take the name of the beloved man. Moreover, some perceive it as an insult. And even with a visible agreement between the spouses, quarrels and tensions are often observed in the future.

Therefore, it is necessary to change the surname upon marriage — unless, of course, the girl has serious reasons to leave her maiden name. A double surname can also be the best solution if the resulting combination sounds beautiful and suits both parties. And remember that, entering a new stage in your life, you can safely count on pleasant changes, mutual love and a happy future together.


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