How to help a rodent love your hammock?


Often pet owners buy hammocks in a cage for rodents and on the very first day, if the animal did not lie in a hammock, they remove it, believing that their pet did not like it! It’s perfect not properly!

It is very important to understand that all animals may not like something new at first and seem dangerous! Every rodent needs help to appreciate the hammock!

For this it is important to know peculiarities your rodent!

  • For rats hammock is very useful! They like to live at a height, so they will like spending time in a hammock more than sitting on the floor in a cage. Rats love to play in hanging hammocks: climbing, jumping from one to another and back (therefore, it is recommended for them to purchase several hanging hammocks at once.) To introduce a rat to a new object in a cage, you can use a treat, just put it on a hammock! Also, the rat itself can be put on a hammock, teaching it to play with it!

  • Chinchillas very active rodents that love to play with hanging objects. Therefore, a hammock will cause them more interest than a stationary bed for rodents. The animal will certainly appreciate the suspended shelter, because in natural conditions chinchillas used to equip homes and hide from predators at a height!
  • Majority Xomyakov also favorably react to the opportunity to swing in a hammock for rodents. But important hang the hamster hammock low, because many hamsters do not feel the height and can fall out of the hammock for animals. A small hammock will do for them.
  • Guinea pigs they are very fond of hammocks, but they do not have very good flexibility (like rats, for example), so hang a hammock for a guinea pig in such a way that it is convenient for her to climb into it. The hammock should be well stretched at such a height that the pig can put its front paws on it. The animal must first get used to a new object in the cage (you can put a treat on the hammock). Guinea pig is important not to rush! Some pigs can get used to a rodent hammock for up to one month!

Individual character traits Rodents play an important role in how they will use their hammock! Therefore, you can only find out what attitude your pet has to a hammock from your own experience. Try introducing your pet to a new hammock, it’s always an adventure for the whole family!

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