How to fill the album if there are no ideas?


We often see a situation where parents buy an album even before the birth of a child and enthusiastically plan what cool photos they will put in this storehouse of memories. Of course, in the minds of parents, this will happen regularly, with an inexhaustible supply of ideas and quite easily.

But then a baby is born, parents go headlong into caring for a new family member, and the first months are not at all up to the album. Time passes, but there is still no time, no strength, no former inspiration for the album. To support moms and dads (and so that the photo album does not gather dust on the far shelf), we created a chat bot that will help fill in the album from PupsVil.

What is this unknown beast, this “chatbot”, and how to find it?

The chatbot lives in Telegram, and it’s very easy to find it — on one of the inserts in the album there is a QR code that you need to scan from your phone and get into the chat with the bot (you first need to register in Telegram).

Next, you will begin to get acquainted with the chat bot: you will need to enter the data that the bot will process and then will conduct a dialogue in accordance with them.

What can he do?

The bot will support you throughout the album filling: it will ask about your progress, remind you of important sections and give interesting ideas. If you don’t know where to start keeping an album, start by connecting a chatbot and it will tell you how to overcome the fear of a blank slate and start creating.

The chatbot from PupsVil will inspire you throughout the year and will not let you abandon your album. Don’t know how to take a good photo? This is not a problem either — the bot will tell you about simple life hacks for high-quality shooting at home. The PupsVil team has put a lot of useful and detailed instructions into the functionality of the bot, which will greatly help you in keeping the history of your baby’s childhood.

And that’s not it

Even if you are sure that you have a lot of ideas, enough knowledge and motivation to fill the album without getting tired, we advise you to connect a chatbot anyway. After all, in addition to tips on maintaining a photo album, the chatbot will cheer you up with an interesting fact or a funny picture, select useful articles about motherhood for you and cheer you up at the right time. We have invested in the bot a whole set of cool features that are definitely worth testing.

Who has access to the bot?

The chatbot is a unique creation of the PupsVil team to help moms. This is a free application to our albums, available only to buyers of PoopsVil. Therefore, the chatbot is not only 24/7 support and help with the album, but also a special offer just for you. We are sure that your familiar mothers do not have such a multifunctional assistant in keeping an album!

What album do you need to buy to get a chatbot?

Chatbot is available when purchasing any album from the range of PoopsVil:

Compact album standard. Articles: 30993512, 30993510, 30993511, 30993513, 30993514.

Big album MAX. Articles: 21097034, 19933898, 21095446, 21097001, 21097079.

Leather album «Book of Childhood»: 45216157, 45216155, 45216156, 45216158.


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