How to choose a lint-free carpet?


The carpet in the house is always cozy and warm. The carpet market is replete with a variety of their types. Large and small, square and round, with small and large pile. The lint-free carpet product requires special attention.

Here are the main qualities of lint-free flooring that make it stand out from other carpets:

  • Due to the absence of lint, these products do not accumulate dust in themselves, which is very important for people prone to allergies.
  • Practicality. Such carpets have dirt-repellent properties, moisture resistance. For the most part, they are easy to care for. All this ensures their durability;
  • This type of carpet is quite warm due to the use of surface texture in its texture;
  • The technique of making them is such that they are both strong and light. Therefore, they can be easily moved from one place to another. In addition, they do not deform at all;
  • A wide range of colors allows you to choose a product for every taste.

    The most common shape for carpets is a rectangle. Suitable for all types of rooms, but most of all for those where there are straight shapes and corners. But there are other configurations that also fit well into the interior:

    • Oval and round help to highlight a certain area in the room. Very often they are placed under the table. In this case, it is important that the diameter of the carpet is larger than that of the table. They are also located in rooms with soft, smoothed corners.
    • Square ones are suitable for rooms with the same sides. They are also used for zoning a room.


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