How to choose a circle for swimming?


Summer is in full swing, and many parents with children go to special places for swimming, and someone even swims in the pool in the country. And if your baby is still not very well kept on the water, then you can buy a special circle for him. And for adults, swimming on the circle is a pleasure. How to choose it by age and we will understand today.

From 1 year to 3 years

Circles for children of this age have special backs, additional cameras (in case one of the cameras suddenly goes down), as well as safety belts. If the baby still does not know how to swim at all, then you can choose a model for him with special panty-seats: they will help the child to be in a safe position, but they will limit freedom of movement. But you can not worry that the baby will slip out of the circle while swimming.

3 to 5 years

At this age, for a child, you need to select a circle with a diameter of 50 cm. If your baby does not hold well on the water, then the circle is not yet a guarantee of safety. It is necessary that the child is under your constant supervision. Be sure to examine the inner seams of the circle, they should not rub the baby’s body while bathing.

5 to 7 years

For children from 5 to 7 years old, circles with a diameter of 50-60 cm are suitable. At this age, many children already know how to swim quite well, but cannot stay in the water for too long without support. Therefore, the circle will be a great helper.

7 to 14 years old

For children at this age, circles with a diameter of more than 60 cm are needed. In appearance, they practically do not differ from adult circles. We advise you to choose bright models so that you can always see your child on the water or on the beach.

15 to 100 years old

And, of course, we have found some interesting options for inflatable circles for you too, because basking in the sun with a child is wonderful. Most importantly, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Do you like to swim with a circle?


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