How I solved the problem of daytime sleep


Surely every mom has ever faced the problem of daytime sleep. And I am no exception. I say right away that I am not a doctor, not a scientist to talk about problems from a scientific or medical point of view. I’m just willing to share only my observations and experience.

So, I got acquainted with the problem of daytime sleep when Varyushka was 1 year and 4 months old. In my mother’s practice, I used to adhere to the principle of «everything in order.» If the child needs to follow the diet, we do it. The same with daytime sleep is a matter of principle.

After analyzing everything, from small to large, nutrition, daily activity, emotional state, conditions in which the child falls asleep, etc., at some point the thought occurred to me that the baby, apparently, was not tired enough to take and so easy to fall asleep in broad daylight)). At that time, we went for a walk to the playground we needed in a wheelchair, and this is about a 10-minute walk from the house at a slow pace. And so, the mother decided to try to simplify her task with daytime rest and “exhaust” the child by abandoning the stroller. Well, maybe it will help.The child is sleeping

On the first day of my experiment, my daughter rushed to our site in front of me, along the way, trying to get a closer look at everything that was “well lying” in the wrong place. We returned back «barely dragging our feet.» We fell asleep that day well, not even reading “Flies-Tsokotukha”))). Since then, I have made it a rule that the child should actively spend time before the intended sleep. My daughter has no problems, I can’t say that instantly, but still, she began to fall asleep for 3-4 hours. Here is a simple but effective way I used in my practice.

From my decision I saw only pluses:

  • Without tantrums, we abandoned the stroller and forgot about it (stomping our feet is much more interesting than sitting in one place);
  • The daughter has become more resilient, and the mother is more active in spending time on a walk;
  • Appetite problems? No, never heard of them 🙂
  • The child is sleeping — the mother is calm;
  • The house is clean, tasty and comfortable. There was also time for tea with buns 🙂

Of course, compliance with the sleep, activity and nutrition of the child is an unconditional guarantee of the correct and full development of the child, as well as a good mood for both the baby and his parents.

Moms, how did you deal with the problem of daytime sleep?


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