How did laundry soap come about?


Soap, which for many years the Russian people call household soap, has a long history
The beginning of soap making
Historians claim that the first attempts to prepare a detergent resembling laundry soap were made by the inhabitants of ancient Gaul. The mention of this fact can be found in the treatises of the ancient Roman writer Pliny the Elder. According to his texts, the first bars of soap were brewed from goat fat with the addition of beech wood ash. The resulting substance was already used not only in the household, but also in medicine and cosmetology.

Over time, the recipe for making soap began to be used in Egypt and Greece. Over the years, the technology of soap making has changed and improved. Moreover, each nation had its own secrets of obtaining this universal detergent.

First soap production
In the Middle Ages, soap making spread widely throughout Europe. Since the 16th century, a real soap boom began in Europe. Each province tried to distinguish itself by its own way of making a soap product. So, the northern regions added animal fat to its composition, and the southerners used olive oil. Due to this, their soap had softer properties and a light aroma.

By the end of the 17th century, Europe could no longer imagine its life without this detergent. Its production brought a huge income. Thus, the first soap factory appeared in Marseille. His products became the prototype of the soap, which later became known in Russia as household soap.

In our country, the industrial production of this indispensable household product began to develop rapidly after the Russian Emperor Nicholas I ordered it to be considered a strategically important product.
Soviet laundry soap
In the 1930s, laundry soap appeared in the homes of Soviet citizens with a distinct imprint of «72%». It had a gray color and a rather unpleasant smell, and the recipe was borrowed from the French chemist Chevrel.

In Soviet times, the composition of laundry soap included three natural components:

  • mixtures of animal fats;
  • alkali salts;
  • edible gelatin.

As a result, the finished product received its own special characteristics, which have survived to this day.

Soap Features
labeled «72%»
A gray and nondescript soap bar is still considered an indispensable tool in the life of every Russian housewife. The reason for this is the unique qualities:
Laundry soap is made from natural, environmentally friendly ingredients, so it is absolutely harmless to health.
Unlike modern household chemicals, this product, proven over the years, does not cause allergies. Therefore, pediatricians are unanimous in their opinion: laundry soap, for example, baby swimmer, ‒ ideal for washing children’s clothes. It perfectly removes dirt even in cold water. As a result, the fabric becomes softer even without the use of rinse aid.
This is an excellent antiseptic. It can be safely used as a means for washing dishes and hands. At the same time, the used soap solution poured onto the soil will not harm either domestic plants or the environment.


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