How can parents deal with irritability?


Instagram and other social networks are full of photos of happy parents with their children. Of course, we are used to showing everyone the most beautiful and joyful moments of our lives. But what is going on behind the scenes, in ordinary everyday life, we are not ready to demonstrate. I am sure that this topic is close to every parent, because emotional balance is very important for raising happy children. And so I decided to share my methods of relieving stress and irritation.

1. Small children can also teach their parents the mind and the mind. This is what happened with my children. I noticed an amazing pattern behind them, as soon as they feel that I start to get angry and annoyed, they come up to me with the words: “Mommy, I love you!” At such moments, it remains only to wipe away tears of happiness, and anger and irritation go back home to distant lands. If you feel that the child is starting to annoy you, tell him: «I love you!».
2. Let’s say «Yes!» holiday free from children. This obvious need cannot be called a novelty, but it is worth recalling. Someone may say: “Well, how can you get tired of your children ?!” You can get tired of anything. And when you are completely and completely immersed in the life and interests of children, in the end it starts to bother and annoy, and children risk falling under the blow of our negative emotions in the first place.
3. Get enough sleep! And teach your kids to do the same. Nothing irritates so much as lethargy, your own lack of sleep and the lack of sleep of a child who will definitely show you his huge “Fi!” in the morning. Fried eggs are not like that, you don’t like the jacket, make me not one braid, but two, etc. etc.
four. Learn to shift your attention to more pleasant things. For example, joint art therapy with a child, collecting puzzles, anti-stress coloring pages will help to distract from irritants.
5. Sing! Even if you think that once «a bear walked over your ears», do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to sing loudly.
6. Listen to musicthat matches your emotional state and dance to it if possible. Children’s radio hits do not always have to sound in your house or car.
7. As they say, paper will endure everything, so I suggest you especially pay attention to the art of writing — calligraphy.

I have another way to relieve irritability. My personal. I don’t use it often and only in my heart.

It happens that the child starts/continues to moan: sometimes the water is cold, sometimes it is hot; sometimes water gets into the mouth, then into the eyes. In such cases, we have stress therapy. A contrast shower for a child is called. No harm, only benefit, as you understand. Everyone needs to warm up! The child perceives my prank as a game, and it becomes easier for me from the thought that I “avenged” for inappropriate behavior🙈. And everyone is happy!

How do you deal with your irritability?


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