What is the best way to get to know the person you are interested in? popular tarot spread


The layout on the tarot cards «Station for Two» is used to view the relationship with the person you are interested in. It can be applied to all sorts of issues that relate to interpersonal interaction. The most important of them relate to the following aspects:

  • work colleagues,
  • friends,
  • business partners,
  • relatives,
  • second half,
  • It is also possible to consider the relationship in the family of parents with their children.

Fortune telling considers the relationship between people, and it does not matter what kind of relationship they have. The cards reveal to the fortuneteller the current situation, the causes of conflicts or possible misunderstandings. Also, cards will help to cope with fears and fears, dispel them.

The Station for Two layout helps you get to know the person you are interested in better, get additional information about the situation, understand your partner or friend, and accept the person as he is. And also direct your work to improve relationships and mutual understanding.

For divination, any deck of cards is suitable. In divination, a full deck is used — 78 cards. The “Station for two” layout consists of seven cards. Descriptions for the positions of the cards are given in the classic version of the relationship between a man and a woman.


  • 1 is a description of the situation, a description of the relationship. At what level are relations in a given period of time, what should be expected from these relations for their possible further development. The columns are the influence of a man and a woman on the situation and relationships.

Cards 2, 3, 4 — characteristics, description of a man.

  • 2 — what a man thinks about the current situation, his thoughts about a woman and about relationships with her. What can these thoughts lead to?
  • 3 — what true feelings a man has for a woman and what he shows from what he feels. What do these feelings lead to, their development.
  • 4 — what a man looks like for others, how they read him. How a woman sees this man.

Cards 5, 6, 7 — characteristics, description of a woman.

  • 5 — the image of a woman for others and for a man, as others see her.
  • 6 — the true feelings of a woman for a man, what she experiences and what she actually shows a man. What does a woman expect from these feelings, what can all this lead her and this relationship to.
  • 7 — a woman’s thoughts about a man, about relationships and about the situation of mutual communication in general. Where do these thoughts lead?

Positions 7 and 2 are the sphere of thoughts. These are conscious thoughts, something that a person faces every day.

Positions 6 and 3 are the sphere of feelings and emotions. Here the subconscious, fears, experiences, hopes are revealed.

Positions 4 and 5 show the true face of a man and a woman, and it does not matter at all how they see themselves. This is the appearance of the existing relationship. This is what hides thoughts and feelings underneath.

In order to reveal feelings and emotions from the subconscious (positions 6 and 3), it is necessary to bring them to the level of consciousness, that is, in positions 7 and 2. In these cards you can see advice for action.


For a better understanding of the interpretation of the alignment, it should be viewed in two planes:

  • the first horizontal one is the column of a woman compared with the column of a man, in particular, the correspondence of positions regarding the ratio of the spheres of one person to the spheres of another.
  • the second vertical is the formation of a common image of a woman and a man.

After such a review, the final map can bring more clarity and the forecast, and the development of the relationship will be more understandable.

In cases where, after interpreting the alignment, there are questions or the situation has not been clarified, you can pull out the eighth card, which will mean what changes await the relationship, the forecast for the next three months.

Features worth paying attention to when interpreting cards in the «Station for two» layout

The dropped out Ladies and Kings are an indication of specific women (Lady) and men (King). If a Queen (of any suit) falls out in a column relative to a man, then this means that a man has some kind of connection with a woman, if a King (of any suit) falls out in a column relative to a woman, then this is a sign that a woman has a connection with what or by a man. If a King (any suit) falls out in a man’s column, and a Lady (any suit) falls out in a woman’s column, then this is a sure sign of jealousy. Whoever has a same-sex card is jealous. In this case, the suit of the card reveals the basis of connection or jealousy. Also, a same-sex card expresses the fears and feelings of the one who has it.

If a Knight card (of any suit) appears, then it shows the moods of the object and the fortuneteller and is interpreted according to the meaning.

If a Page of any suit appears in any position, then he reports what one person wants from another — these are positions 7 and 2 (in the first version) and 4 and 1 (in the second version). The hopes of one person at the expense of another can also be expressed here — these are positions 6 and 3 (in the first version) and 5 and 2 (in the second version).

Lady or King in the final position — a conscious entry into a relationship, a desire to continue and maintain relationships.

Page in the final position — impulsiveness and emotionality of relations. Relationships exist thanks to impulses from outside. The basis of the relationship is the suit or element of the Page card.

It is also worth paying attention to the position of the card. If this is the top row, then the significance of the card increases. If this is the middle row, then there may be doubts and double perception. The bottom row speaks of a weak influence and can reveal more fears and worries about relationships.

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