Men’s underpants as the beginning of men’s style.


A real men’s classic — a set of boxer shorts and socks. What could be better than such a pleasant surprise for a birthday or February 23rd. A brutal gift for business men, boys and teenagers. There are many tastes, but the classics are unchanged as always — all our men also prefer cool colors and moderate prints and colors. The most popular are black, blue, brown, gray and white. Prints — plaid, stripes, polka dots, ribs and nothing more. Laconic and simple, stylish and businesslike. An interesting fact is that for the whole 20th anniversary, men prefer boxers to ordinary slips. It is also noteworthy that their choice stops at a set of different colors, they prefer a set of 4 or 5 pieces. Our men are versatile and do not like monotony, even when it comes to what is hidden behind an office suit or sportswear. Boxers not only add masculinity and complete the look, they are really especially comfortable to wear. Soft and slimming, with a slight hint of eroticism, they allow you to move freely and feel free. A wide range of sizes provides a choice of underpants for men of different builds — large and small, short and tall, thin and well-fed. The gift of panties will tell the chosen one how dear he is to you. Best regards, Drozd Store team.


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