How to «not boil» and survive the heat without harm to health?


It seems to us that hot weather is not as terrible for us as cold. In fact, this is a big misconception. By following a few rules, you can protect yourself from heat or sunstroke.

child in sunglasses

What to do if it’s hot?

1. Try not to be in the open sun from 12-00 to 15-00 hours, this is the maximum peak time, at which 90% of all sunburns occur. Move slowly along the street, try to be in the shade more often.

2. Be careful with physical activity: a daytime run in the park will not be the best solution, as the risk of strokes and heart attacks increases during the heat.

3. Drink more fluids (2.5-3 liters). It is preferable to quench your thirst with cool (but not cold!) drinks: water (preferably mineral), green or black tea, or unsweetened fruit drinks. These drinks will compensate for the lack of nutrients that the body loses with sweating (it is believed that during the heat, with sweat, we lose up to 800 ml of fluid).

4. If there is no particular appetite in the heat, you should think about a light diet. From soups, a good choice would be gazpacho. Eat more vegetables, greens and juicy fruits. By the way, it is important to know that lack of appetite can be associated with dehydration of the body, so it is fundamentally important to maintain water balance.

5. Do not forget that a hat in the heat, with a long stay in the open sun, is simply necessary.

6. Wear light, loose clothing made from natural fabrics (cotton, linen, silk).

7. Cosmetologists recommend that women use a minimum of cosmetics during the heat period. One of the main steps in skin care in the heat is cleansing.

8. If you are at home and you do not have air conditioning, then keep the windows closed during the day, especially if they face the sunny side, hang dark blackout curtains if possible. At night, when the outside temperature is lower, the windows can be opened.

9. Take cool showers at least twice a day. Water procedures help fight overheating and maintain temperature balance.

beware the sun

Heat and stuffy air are especially dangerous for people with cardiovascular diseases, for the elderly and children.

Elderly people suffering from cardiovascular, pulmonary or endocrinological diseases should consult their local doctor or a doctor who works with patients with chronic diseases. For a period of hot days, the doctor can adjust the dose and regimen of taking the drugs. Particular attention should be paid to children, as their thermoregulation system is imperfect and is still being formed. Pay attention to the behavior and activity of the child, let’s drink more often, dress in light clothing made from natural fabrics. In the hottest time of the day, do not allow too active games, — recommends Vladislav Kovalevich, general practitioner of the city clinic No. 219 of the Moscow Health Department.

Take care of yourself and be healthy!


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