How to enable and set up bluetooth on a laptop


Today, the Bluetooth protocol is used to synchronize digital devices with each other and not only. It allows you to transfer a variety of data. It is especially convenient to connect speakers, mice, keyboards to a laptop using this protocol. This eliminates a lot of wires and makes working on a mobile device comfortable. If there are any problems, knowing how to turn on bluetooth on a laptop will be useful for a huge number of users.

How to find out if there is bluetooth on a laptop

Manufacturers offer a variety of laptops. Some models have a radio module for data transfer via Bluetooth, others do not. It will not be possible to visually identify the presence of the radio module. Bluetooth in a laptop is located in the case and is connected to the motherboard. There are several ways to find out if there is bluetooth on a laptop.

  1. The simplest and most visual: go to the manufacturer’s website. HP, Samsung, Acer and other corporations have such resources. Here it is enough to enter the name of your model in the search bar to check its technical characteristics. If the device is not located, you will need to provide a unique serial number. It is written on a sticker located on the bottom cover of the laptop.
    Serial number on laptop
  2. Many manufacturers indicate information about supported communication protocols directly in the data of manufactured models. This may be part of an alphanumeric code that has the letter «B» in the last group of characters. Or on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop Bluetooth is directly written indicating the version of the protocol.

Important! If the laptop model does not support the Bluetooth protocol, its capabilities can be expanded. Today on sale it is not difficult to find a huge number of compact and convenient external adapters. To install bluetooth on a laptop, just insert one of them into the USB port. But it is worth remembering: for the normal operation of the adapter, special drivers from the manufacturer may be required.

Hot keys to enable on laptops of different brands

Many manufacturers make hardware buttons on their laptop models to turn on bluetooth. You can also do this using the Fn function key. In some models, the inclusion of bluetooth is as follows.

  1. On Packard Bell laptops a separate hardware button is provided. It is completely independent and turns on and off both radio modules, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. The mode of their operation is indicated by a separate light indicator located on a thin panel above the keyboard.
    Packard Bell
  2. Sony Vaio offers control of radio modules using a software shell. It is launched by pressing the Vaio hardware button, located in a separate area above the keyboard.
    Sony Vaio
  3. Separate Acer laptops, Asus also have a hardware button in the upper left corner above the keyboard. When you press it, the bluetooth is turned on or the radio module is turned off. This does not affect the WiFi in any way. The Bluetooth status is indicated by a light indicator on the end of the case under the keyboard.
  4. HP Products They offer turning the bluetooth on and off using the function buttons. Some models have a light indicator on the corresponding key of the keyboard (top row, with the image of the antenna). When Bluetooth is disabled, it is dark and not visible, when you press Fn + F3 (on some F6 models), it lights up in blue or bright white light. Similar radio module control mechanics are also used in Lenovo laptops.

Advice! From the above, it is clear that the easiest way to find bluetooth on a laptop for beginners is to study the keyboard. If it has a button on which, in addition to the main symbol, an antenna is drawn, the desired radio module is most likely present.

Before turning Bluetooth on and off with the function buttons, it is worth checking if they are disabled in the BIOS on the laptop. How to do this is the topic of a separate article. But the option you’re usually looking for, called Action Keys Mode, is in the System Configuration section. Its value must be set to Enabled and exit the BIOS while saving the parameters.

Ways to enable and disable bluetooth

Depending on the operating system of the laptop, checking the status of the Bluetooth module and configuring it is done in different ways.

Windows XP

Today, Piggy, familiar to many, is no longer supported. And since the end date for the release of official updates came even before the massive development of Bluetooth technologies, therefore, you can forget about any simple methods and automatic driver downloads.

The tactics of action with bluetooth modules is simple:

  • go to the Control Panel;
  • launch the System icon;
  • click the Device Manager button.

In the list on the screen, you need to look for a Bluetooth adapter. Depending on the build of the operating system, it can be located both in the Radio modules block and in Network adapters.

Bluetooth radio modules

Important! In order not to run into problems with the adapter, you should definitely install drivers from its manufacturer. In the case of a laptop, they can be found on the disk supplied with the kit or downloaded from the Internet from the website of the model manufacturer.

To set up Bluetooth on a Windows XP laptop, you also need to follow the recommendations given in its instruction manual. You can verify that the adapter is working as follows.

  1. Turn on Bluetooth using the keyboard or hardware button.
  2. Go to device manager as shown above.
  3. Make sure that there is no red cross on the adapter icon. If it is, you should click on the title bar with the left mouse button and select Enable (or Enable) from the menu that appears.
    Device Manager
  4. Go to the Control Panel, launch the Network Neighborhood icon.
  5. Find the wireless connection icon, click on it with the left mouse button.

If the menu that appears has Item Enable — it should be pressed. All further actions depend on the type of installed drivers. How to synchronize a laptop with a phone, speakers or mouse is detailed in the instruction manual.

Windows 7

In the Windows 7 operating system, it is not only easier to turn Bluetooth on or off on a laptop, but also to get rid of driver problems. If they were not included on the bundled disc and are not available on the manufacturer’s website, the adapter may work normally. on standard system software. To enable or disable Bluetooth on Win 7, just:

  • go to the control panel, select Devices and printers;
  • find the icon with the characteristic Bluetooth icon and click on it with the left mouse button.

In the control program that opens, you can configure the display of the icon in the taskbar, turn the adapter on and off, search for nearby devices.

Methodology, how install bluetooth on windows 7 laptop, looks simple enough. This method is used to enable, check the status, or disable the adapter.

  1. In the lower right corner on the icon with the network icon, right-click on the touchpad or mouse.
  2. From the pop-up menu, select Network and Sharing Center.
  3. In the column on the left, find the item Change adapter settings and click on it.

In the window that opens, all available connections to the laptop’s network are displayed. One of them is a Bluetooth adapter. Right-click on it and select Settings to configure. In the window that appears, you can both connect to the phone, speakers, and find nearby devices.

Important! If there is no such item in the menu, then there are problems with the drivers. Before reinstalling them, setting up the bluetooth will not work.

Windows 8

Windows 8 was originally developed for mobile devices. Therefore, access to its settings is somewhat unexpected for many users.

  1. You need to enter the panel on the right side of the screen and move the cursor to its upper right corner.
  2. The Options tab is selected, where Change settings is clicked.
  3. The wireless network settings block opens.

Bluetooth on Windows 10

Here, as in Win 7, the existing wireless adapters are listed in the system. Here you can disable and enable bluetooth. To establish a connection with the phone, speakers or mouse, you should go back to the right panel-Options-Change settings-Devices-Add device.

On a note! There is also a Discovery item, designed to search for devices nearby. It is with the help of it that you can connect your phone or other wireless device to your laptop.

Windows 10

OS Windows 10 most user friendly. It allows you to configure Bluetooth settings even without special knowledge. Enough:

  • press Start;
  • select the Options item;
  • go to Devices.

In the window that appears, just select Bluetooth in the left column. Here you can immediately enable or disable the adapter, search for devices nearby, and pair with them. With one click, a bluetooth keyboard, mouse, speakers, headphones will be connected to the laptop.

As a conclusion

If there are any difficulties when using the Bluetooth module in a laptop, do not immediately go into the system settings. First of all, you need to make sure that the model of the mobile device is equipped with the appropriate adapter, turn it on from the keyboard or a hardware button. If you do not follow this advice, you can get confused, not finding the necessary settings items in the system. And of course, in case of any driver problems, you should look for their latest versions only on the official websites of the manufacturer of a particular laptop model.

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