How to choose an ironing board cover?


In order to choose a cover for an ironing board, let’s see what they are like.

Ironing board cover without lining

The simplest is an unlined cotton case. Most often, such a cover is made of Coarse calico. Coarse calico is a natural fabric made of 100% cotton, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and wear-resistant. The undoubted advantage of such a cover for an ironing board is its cost — it is the cheapest possible. An unlined cover is fine if you just want to update the surface of your ironing board by slipping it over an old cover. In this case, the surface of the ironing board should not be damaged, and the old lining should be in good condition.

Ironing board cover lined with foam rubber, synthetic winterizer and felt

The next type of covers for ironing boards is the most massive. This is a lined case. Its cost and duration of operation directly depend on the type of lining that is used in its manufacture. The upper surface of this type of ironing board covers, as in the first version, is made of coarse calico with a pattern applied with heat-resistant paints.

The most budgetary is a case with a foam rubber lining. This lining will add density to the cover, so that it can be placed on the surface of the ironing board without the old cover or additional substrate. The disadvantage of such a substrate is its durability. Foam rubber is more susceptible to high temperatures and because of this, it breaks down faster, leaving irregularities on the surface of the ironing board over time.

More durable, but at the same time more expensive, is an ironing board cover with a synthetic winterizer backing. The synthetic winterizer, unlike foam rubber, is less affected by high temperatures, passes air well and has a longer service life than foam rubber. Such a lining will not absorb moisture from the steam of the iron, and the surface of the ironing board will not get wet.

The third type of lining for the ironing board cover is artificial felt lining. Lining made of artificial felt is the least affected by high temperatures, due to which the life of such a cover is the longest. Felt has a number of advantages: it perfectly passes air, does not allow moisture to accumulate and get wet, and does not absorb odors. The felt lining does not cake, is not afraid of washing and never gets lumpy. A huge advantage of this type of lining is its environmental friendliness: it is completely non-toxic, thanks to which it can also be used in the production of children’s toys or textiles. A felt-lined cover is slightly more expensive than foam rubber or synthetic winterizer covers, but due to a longer service life, this cost is fully justified.

Each MAYCOVER ironing board cover is made with artificial felt backing. You can be sure that your case will last a long time and will delight you not only with a beautiful design.


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