How the Death Spirit Name Bracelet Can Help You Build Motivation and Discipline


This is an article about the properties of the stone from which we created bracelet GROH; a stone that originated at a depth of 700 km from the surface of the earth and poured out of the bowels in a red-hot form. Talking about volcanic lava

The properties of the stone are unique — it is the only mineral containing all the microelements necessary for the existence of life. That is why there is a lot of greenery around the dormant volcanoes.

For a person, Volcanic Lava is just as useful — the mineral helps to achieve what you want. The owners of the bracelet who want to streamline, stabilize their lives will succeed. Not casually included in the bracelet Charm SKULL. It reminds of the finiteness and transience of life. The fact that every moment is unique and something can be changed only in the present. If you intend to change everything: profession, social status, place of residence, start a new business, then life will take a sharp turn.

The volcano is considered to be a combination of four elements — Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Magma, originating in the heart of the planet under the action of the first two elements, became lava, escaping with a powerful exhalation from distant bowels. With the help of the force of Air, the lava cooled, flowed into the ocean, absorbing the forces of Water. Today, lava is born in the same way as millions of years ago, bringing with it extraordinary opportunities. But the Lava stone originates precisely in the underground kingdom of Groh. Therefore, it is also the name of the Bracelet.

So, Volcanic lava:

— this is an attribute of people striving for knowledge — from a schoolchild to an academician;

— gives the owner the ability to hear and understand the clues of fate in a dream and in reality;

— helps to understand what the true purpose is, awakens dormant talents;

— helps to reboot the organism at all levels, giving the body and mind a rest from excessive vital activity.

A lava bracelet stabilizes the emotional background and, when worn daily, the nugget will fill the mineral with energy, relieve fatigue, and transfer to the owner all the deep power of the elements.

GROH — translated from Armenian as «writer» or «scribe», was the spirit of Death in ancient Armenian mythology.

As soon as a person was born, Grokh recorded the newborn in the book of life, and on his forehead he marked the fate of the newborn — chakatagir, predetermining events and life expectancy.

He carefully watched everyone, and wrote down all the sins and good deeds of a person on a special sheet to read them during the day of judgment.

Groh bracelet is not a threat for metalworkers, but a stylish accessory containing a deep philosophical meaning. It will be an invisible assistant for you in matters of self-control and discipline, it will help you to be here and now, sharpen your intuition and reveal your inner potential. In addition, Groh will charge you with a drive for action and will look decent with any wardrobe.

Do you want to make a gift with meaning to your loved ones or yourself? This accessory made of natural stone will fit perfectly. In addition, a bracelet made of volcanic lava matches perfectly with the bracelet «The Fifth Element» Reference: 19494662 and bracelet «Chaplin» Article: 19489060


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