How Anya from Rublyovka bought a painting for her house


There was a girl Anya. She lived on Rublyovka together with her beloved Semyon Petrovich — further joint venture (her senior for … twenty years, of course).

She lived, did not know troubles, did not know worries either. She didn’t know much at all, but she didn’t suffer from it at all until the joint venture gave her the task. “Find,” she says, “a classic painting for us in the kitchen. About food. A reproduction, of course. But good. You’re an art critic by education, you can do it quickly.”

Anya for 5 years already did not remember that she was an art critic, but she remembered about the louboutins from the new collection. There is nothing to do, it is necessary to please the joint venture in order to rejoice later.

She also remembered the magical world of marketplaces, where you can buy everything. And Mona Lisa and canned corn. Anya went to WB. Entered in the search «reproduction of the picture.» 14 500 products. I thought (it happens to her, yes) to narrow down the search. I typed «pictures about food.» It didn’t feel better, because there are 8 thousand options with a tail. “Well, you won’t be in time for any manicure with sugaring if you look at everything,” Anya was despondent.

Here he sees something bright in the recommendations with a picture that seems to be about food. Look, there are food containers with reproductions of classical paintings.

«Oh, yes, a thing,» the art critic-hostess was delighted. “And there is much more benefit than from some kind of painting. The price is generally“ give me two. ”I ordered it, I received it quickly.

The joint venture soon appeared unusually pleased. Vitalik (guard) is dragging something square behind him. To Annushka’s dumb question, the joint venture answers: “Well, I loaded you with a difficult task. You won’t have time for any manicure and pedicure.

— «Senya, what does the food have to do with it?»

— «Well, what’s the matter! You come up to the refrigerator at night to have a snack, look at the picture, and from there this man shouts at you:» AAA, how fat you are. «Turn around and leave. Cool idea, right?»

They had a good laugh, and Anya gave the containers to their au pair. They turned out to be really good. And hilarious too.


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