Bath games. How to keep your baby safe.


Playing in the bathroom is a fun activity for young children, under the supervision of adults. A bath helps to relax, warm up, calm down, and, of course, no one has canceled educational games. Here are some interesting games for the baby when bathing:

1) Cheerful fisherman. Fish can be caught with a magnetic fishing rod or mother’s strainer, instead of fish, you can use eggs from kinders or ping-pong balls.

2) Fisher of pearls and jewels. Pour the pebbles and shells to the bottom and look for.

3) A diligent laundress. We wash clothes of dolls, it is possible together with dolls, because they also want to be clean and tidy.

4) Huge bubbles. We inflate huge bubbles through soap fingers. Very entertaining!

5) Shipwreck. Kinder toys were sailing on a boat, and there was a real tropical storm. What to do? Rescue everyone now!

6) Jacuzzi. No, it’s not what you think! The kid takes a straw for juice and blows through it into the water, it turns out a small jacuzzi.

7) Water gun. You don’t have to buy a water gun. You can simply make a hole in the cap of a soda bottle. The kid will have fun shooting water at pre-prepared targets.

8) King of the bath. To do this, you need to make the baby a chic foam hairstyle. Court rubber toys! Bow down to the bath king!

How to make swimming safe? To prevent the baby from accidentally slipping in the bath, it is necessary to glue a children’s anti-slip mat to the bottom of the bath. Children’s bath mat has an oval shape, decorated with funny prints — fish, ducks, marine animals, turtles, frogs, various marine paraphernalia. All pictures are made on a transparent background, they look bright, they will certainly attract the eye of a child, help him fall in love with water procedures and turn them into a fairy tale. Look: just one rug, and a boring bath turns into a whole sea with cheerful bright inhabitants. This is an ideal solution for those who have small children: the product will make it possible to protect the child’s feet from hypothermia, and will also give him a good mood while swimming.

As soon as children appear in the house, the house is filled with children’s laughter, fun, children’s toys, things that do not always fit into a strict thoughtful interior. But this story is not about our rugs, which are so good that they will decorate any bathroom interior.

Anti-slip PVC mat is a cost effective solution for your bathroom. It is suitable for permanent use, as it is not afraid of contact with moisture. You can purchase bath mats from an online store to use them every day. PVC does not deteriorate from interaction with water, dries quickly and is not a collector of bacteria. Even after prolonged use, fungus spots will not appear on it, mold will not appear. The material is very pleasant, soft, suitable for the smallest children. At the same time, it massages the feet, improves blood circulation. Prevents slipping, will save your child from falling on slippery wet tiles or in the bath itself. To put the bath mat in order, it will be enough to wash it under warm water with soap. After dry it and use as usual.


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