Why is the touchpad not working on a laptop


Despite the convenience of a familiar mouse, many users actively use the touchpad on a laptop. It is functional and attractive enough for those who do not want to carry additional peripherals with them. But what to do if the touchpad does not work on a laptop? There may be several reasons for this phenomenon. Some are fixed quite simply, while others require a visit to a service center or panel replacement.

Touchpad not fully working

To make sure that the touchpad on a laptop is not working due to software failures, you need to:

  • go to the device manager;
  • find the touchpad in the list, under Mice and other pointing devices;
  • open the driver by clicking or pressing Enter;
  • go to the General tab.

Touchpad status

If here in the status window The device is working properlythen it is worth analyzing hardware problems.

Touchpad disabled

Often the sensor does not work for a very simple reason: the user accidentally pressed the button to turn it off. On different laptops it has its own. Finding the desired key is simple: on it, in addition to the main character, touchpad sketched out. By pressing Fn + the found button (usually from F1 to F12), you can return the panel to working capacity.

Touchpad with keyboard

Some laptop models The touchpad has its own disable button.. It is located in the upper left corner of the panel. If the touchpad does not work, it is worth trying to press this indentation to restore functionality.

Important! Many laptop manufacturers do not provide for sharing a connected mouse and touchpad. This problem is easy to diagnose. You just need to disconnect the mouse and check the operation of the touchpad.

If the touchpad is disabled, you can restore it to work programmatically. When using most types of drivers, a touchpad icon appears in the taskbar near the clock. Windows 10 always has it. By clicking on it with the right or left mouse button, you can call up the menu. Here the touchpad is disabled or enabled, its sensitivity is adjusted, and other parameters are configured.

Other issues

Situations when the laptop does not see the touchpad in the device manager, the left button does not work, or multi-finger scrolling is not supported, have a number of reasons. Some of them mean that you have to give the device to a service center or carry out its own disassembly.

Dirt ingress

The simple rule “do not eat behind a laptop” is almost ignored by everyone. Crumbs get on the touchpad, drinks spill. As a result, there can be a variety of consequences. Therefore, if the touchpad stops working, the first thing to do is clean it.. It is worth remembering that its touch panel works on the principle of capacitance change tracking. Dirt on the surface can greatly affect the sensitivity of the device. As a result, scrolling either does not work, or the cursor moves in jerks.

drinking coffee on laptop

The touch panel must be cleaned carefully. Recommended use a cotton swab dipped in mild soapy water. Work should be done carefully, avoiding spillage of moisture. At the end of cleaning, the panel must be carefully wiped with a damp cloth and allowed to dry completely.

Important! Scrolling often stops working due to a layer of dried wine or coffee. If liquids have spilled onto the panel, it is recommended to contact the service center, since it is quite difficult to clean the touchpad on your own in this case.

physical damage

When the buttons on the touchpad of the laptop do not work, and in general it has ceased to function normally as a result of being hit or dropped by a heavy object, you need to change the entire panel. Such repairs are done quite quickly and are inexpensive.

Important! It is worth remembering that mechanical damage to the touchpad is not covered by the warranty. Therefore, even contacting a service center may be paid. But if the warranty has not yet expired, this method of solving the problem is optimal.


Loss of contact

Touchpad connected to laptop motherboard with a loop. In some models, it may spontaneously slip out of the connector. This may occur due to vibrations or shaking during transport. Fixing the problem is quite simple:

  • the body of the device is opened;
  • hardware elements are carefully dismantled;
  • the tightness of the loop insertion and its integrity are checked.

After disassembling and restoring contact, the touchpad starts working normally.

Important! This operation cannot be done on a warranty laptop. The device is recommended to be taken to the service. But if the warranty has expired, you can do the work yourself. Today on the Internet it is easy to find a detailed video on how exactly you need to disassemble a particular laptop model.

The vagaries of laptops from individual manufacturers

On average, according to service centers, MSI laptops are the most unpredictable. The touchpad can work absolutely reliably or act up. There are certain features and laptops from other manufacturers. It is useful to know them in order to minimize the number of calls to the service or specialized workshops.


Asus laptops are highly reliable. Breaking their touchpads is almost impossible. Therefore, if the touch panel starts to work incorrectly, problems should be looked for on the side of the operating system. However, there is also a small fly in the ointment. Touchpad hardware problems have Asus K53S series laptops.

K53S touchpad


Lenovo laptops are inexpensive, show a very attractive ratio of price tag and characteristics for the buyer. But they have several key drawbacks. First, extremely the touchpad disable button is inconveniently placed. It is easy to press it by accident, and then look for why the touchpad stopped working.

Lenovo’s second problem is static sensitive some series of laptops in the budget segment. Working in a sweater, it’s easy to just burn the chip responsible for servicing the ports. Therefore, before buying a laptop from this manufacturer, you should carefully study the reviews of the owners and the opinions of service centers.


The HP brand (Hewlett-Packard) has long been known in Russia and enjoys well-deserved popularity. Notebooks of this brand suffer from clogged touchpad. This is due to the ingress of crumbs, fat from the fingers. Therefore, eating while working is not recommended. With increased sensitivity, problems with the operation of the buttons on the panel, you should take the laptop to a service center, since the cost of the product is high enough for the actions of unskilled repairmen.

HP touchpad


The most capricious series of this manufacturer — Acer Aspire laptops. Especially often problems with the touchpad occur in models of the budget segment. Here the panel may fail for no apparent reason. There is problems with the loopconnecting the device to the motherboard. Therefore, it is worthwhile to handle laptops from this manufacturer as carefully as possible.

Packard Bell

Packard Bell has somewhat lost its position in the Russian market, and laptops of this brand are offered quite rarely. And this is despite the overall reliability of hardware solutions. The touchpads on laptops from this manufacturer are durable and unpretentious.

One of the most common inoperability problems is accidentally pressing Fn + F7 and disabling the panel. To make the sensor function, it is enough to activate it again. Packard Bell provides a unique combination of Fn + Esc to turn on the panel in the mode of improving its reactions and blocking false positives.


Every laptop is a complex piece of hardware. And this fully applies to the touchpad. It is no less thin and advanced than the phone’s display sensors. Therefore, it is worthwhile to handle this part of the laptop structure carefully, keep it clean and tidy. And then there will be no problems using the panel, except for the simplest ones.

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