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New technologies allow you to view central digital television in high quality. By using TV tuner T2 even analog models acquire contrast, sharpness of contour and depth of color. Watching digital channels is possible on TVs of different generations: modern ones are presented with an already built-in tuner and allow you to control the equipment with one remote control. But it is not always possible to set up equipment for digital broadcasting. Consider situations in which the TV does not find channels.

Algorithm for setting digital channels

Regardless of the type of TV, the frequency settings are made according to the same scheme. Both in the modern Samsung model and in older devices, the principle of operation is almost identical. First of all, there must be corresponding antenna, capable of receiving a signal from a TV tower broadcasting digital television. If the device picks up a signal, the adapter will offer to add it to the menu. After connecting it to the receiver, the setting will be carried out as follows.

  1. You need to open the «Broadcast» settings menu.
  2. Select automatic search.
  3. Press the «Start» button.
  4. The software will ask you to decide on the choice of signal source: antenna or cable. The latter is selected if there is a cable TV broadcast.
  5. When connecting an antenna, the device will prompt you to select a subdirectory of analog or digital channels, or you can configure a complete list that includes both.
  6. The last step is to start the «scan».

If you are careful, there are many tips in the TV menu, but it is important that the signal receiver is installed correctly and the T2 set-top box is connected.

If a TV does not pick up channelscan be used alternative methods of connecting digital frequencies using cable or satellite set-top box. To search in the first way, you need to connect a cable TV wire to the antenna connection connector. In the settings, by selecting the auto search menu, a new window will appear. If you need to connect digital television, you must select not cable TV, but “other operators”. In the cable TV preset, click the «Full» item, which will allow you to select to search only digital channels. The control panel can sort the channels and put them in the right positions.

RF OUT connector

RF OUT jack on the receiver

Using satellite equipment, the connection is made by two types of cable. For these purposes, a high-frequency cable connected to the receiver via the RF OUT connector is connected to the antenna. After connecting, you can connect the equipment to the network and start auto-search for channels on the receiver. The search will end after the information about the absence of a signal appears. The receiver is connected to the TV with a low-frequency “tulip” cable and the video mode is turned on. Then, through the menu with the sections “quality” and “signal strength”, you can adjust the dish. If the connection was made correctly, the found channels will be played without interference.

Reasons for the lack of digital television and ways to eliminate errors

If it was not possible to find digital channels during automatic start, errors may have been made. Why does the TV not find digital channels when setting up? This is the most frequently asked user question when trying to set up a modern TV with many built-in features. Consider the main causes of the problem and how to solve them.

Checking hardware capabilities

Owners of new TVs equipped with digital tuner DVB T2, can watch modern format broadcasting without resorting to additional equipment. Other viewers need to connect a set-top box with a similar decoder to receive DTTV on their TV.

You can verify the technical capabilities of your TV receiver in the following ways:

  • refer to the documentation of the TV and clarify which formats are supported by the device;
  • search for the necessary information on a specific TV model on the official website of the manufacturer.

Attention! If the technical characteristics of the TV receiver indicate support for the DVB T2 format, this means that the device is capable of receiving ETTV multiplexes. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a special attachment. A satellite receiver for receiving digital broadcasts is not suitable, since it works with a different format, DVB-S.

Correct connection

set-top box connection

There are models of TV receivers and set-top boxes equipped with two different antenna sockets: To receive terrestrial and satellite signals. For such devices, the correct connection to the signal source is important. We check that the cable from the all-wave terrestrial antenna is connected to the appropriate connector.

TV set-top box connected via HDMI cable or tulips. You should check the correct physical connection and the selection of the appropriate port on the TV. If you find any shortcomings, you should correct the connection, select the desired signal source (Source button on the remote control).

Timeliness of software updates

The cause of problems with setting up the reception of multiplexes may be outdated software of the receiving equipment. On modern Smart TVs, the software is updated via the Internet, and if the TV does not catch digital channels, then you should check the update and start automatic updating.

Set-top box software with DVB T2 tuner may also not work properly, causing problems with digital signal reception. Installing the software update resolves the issue. On thematic forums and in the instructions for a specific model, you can find information on the procedure for flashing a TV set-top box.

Setting the quality of the signal from the antenna

Problems with the lack of digital channels may be related to the antenna setting. Fault diagnosis is carried out step by step.

  1. Conduct an audit condition of the connecting cable and contacts. If you find cable jams, damaged areas and poor connections, you should eliminate the shortcomings.
  2. Make sure it works properly signal amplifier by trial tuning the radio and TV signals.
  3. Adjust the position of the antenna by small turns for best performance signal strength and quality indicators — from 70% and above.

How to install the antenna correctly

If you have all the elements of the equipment and the correct connection, setting up digital channels will occur without problems using the sections of the settings menu. The tuning algorithm for specific brands is detailed in articles about Samsung and Philips TVs.

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