Why does the mouse not work on a laptop


The touchpad on the laptop is quite comfortable and functional. However, many users at work prefer a more familiar manipulator — the mouse. It can be wired or a very popular and convenient wireless device. But any product is not protected from failures. It is quite simple to figure out why the mouse on a laptop does not work. The causes of such a problem can be both hardware failure and problems with software and hardware modules.

wired mouse

The easiest way is to figure out why the mouse on a laptop connected to it with a wire does not work. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.


First of all, the wired mouse needs to be inspected in the area of ​​the optical sensor. It often happens that large debris gets there. As a result, the manipulator loses the ability to track movement. Therefore, if the laptop does not see the usb mouse, it should be cleaned.

Debris on the bottom of the mouse

Wire problems

If the mouse does not move the cursor, but glows, it is worth checking the wire. If it has visible creases, changes in diameter, abrasions, the manipulator must be taken for repair. Most often, the cable is damaged at the point where it enters the mouse body. The problem appears gradually. First, the mouse does not work well, then the cursor movement completely disappears.

Important! The cable needs to be repaired. A situation may arise when, due to short circuits in the wire, the mouse cursor completely disappears. In difficult cases, the voltage-sensitive ports of a Lenovo laptop can irreparably burn a chip that serves peripherals.

Port issues

If the mouse stops working, you should try plug it through usb into another port. Perhaps, in the one used, the contacts simply loosened or oxidized, as a result of which the resistance changed. In this case, a situation may arise when the mouse is on, but does not work.

The easiest way to test a wired manipulator is to in connecting it to another computer, smart TV, through an adapter to a smartphone. If the mouse works there, then you need to look for a problem in the software part of the laptop.

Wireless mouse

If your wireless mouse is not working, you should start with simple reasons. This is a more complex device, and therefore problems appear much more often than with a wired connection manipulator.


It may seem trivial, but the most common reason why the cursor does not respond to the mouse is battery discharge. In this case, the optical sensor may light up. But there is no reaction to moving the mouse. By replacing the batteries, it is easy to restore the operation of the manipulator.

Battery replacement

Communication link failure

If the mouse is frozen, this may be due to exceeding the radio communication range with its receiver. The situation when the user has gone far from the laptop is not obligatory. Most often, the problem occurs due to obstacles between the transmitter and receiver or the complete covering of the manipulator with other objects.. As a result, the laptop sees the mouse, but it does not work.

Most modern wireless models have a switch on the case. A mouse is enough turn off and on again. If such functionality is provided, you need to click the button to activate the communication channel and transfer movement data to the system.


Wireless manipulators also have sensor clogging problem. It is necessary to check the area of ​​​​the optics and, if necessary, remove large particles from there.

Wireless mouse sensor

Naturally, for the wireless signal receiver there is also port problem. It should be pulled out and inserted into another USB to check.

Software problems

Sometimes there are situations when, as a result of a system failure, mouse drivers no longer process correctly. Device required delete and reinitialize. This applies to all types of manipulators, from simple Lenovo to gaming A4 Tech of the Bloody series, for which their own complex processors are installed in the system. First you need to go to the device manager.

On Windows 10 Start is pressed, the cursor is hovered over the Computer icon with the touchpad and a right-click is made. From the menu, select Properties. In the window that appears in the left column, you need to click on the inscription Device Manager.

Device Manager

On Windows 7 There are three ways to launch the Dispatcher.

  1. Enter Start-Control Panel-System and click the appropriate button.
  2. Click Start, point to Computer, press the left button. From the menu, select Manage, then on the left side of the Device Manager.
  3. Press Win+R, type devmgmt.msc and click OK.



After launching the manager, in the list of devices, you need to find the Mice and other pointing devices section. If this is a game controller with its own processing programs, it is worth downloading the necessary software from the manufacturer’s website before removing it.

The section in the device manager must be expanded. Here the desired mouse is highlighted (HID-compatible or standard) and the Del button is pressed. When prompted by the system to delete, you need to confirm your actions. After that, the laptop is rebooted. When restarted, it will automatic search for new devices.

Important! The standard mouse drivers will install themselves. For complex gaming, you may need to manually run the driver setup program.

As a conclusion

If the mouse on the laptop is missing, in order to return it, you always need go from simple problems. The wired mouse is tested on another device, the batteries are changed in the wireless one. Only after that it is worth inspecting the cables, optics, switching ports or climbing into the system settings. By following such a simple scheme, you can diagnose and fix problems not only correctly, but also quickly.

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