A 3D pen is a portable version of a 3D printer. It is generally accepted that only children will be interested in playing with it, but adults show no less interest in this device.

With a 3D pen, you can create three-dimensional figures, build structures, make crafts or decorative items for the home. And even make minor repairs to it! It helps children develop imagination and fine motor skills, and adults are interested in spending time unloading their heads from everyday troubles.

This tool creates an unlimited field for the implementation of creative ideas. The pen comes with basic stencils for training, but on the Internet you will find a variety of other interesting stencils of different levels of difficulty.

To use the pen does not require special knowledge and skills. Even if you have never held it in your hands before, you will quickly figure out how to use it. Beginners begin to train on 2D objects (flat surfaces), but soon move on to 3D drawing.

The market offers a wide range of pens with different configurations, price ranges and models. The most popular option is 3D pen-3. This pen comes with everything you need to start drawing right away: plastic, stencils, a mat, a nozzle cleaning needle, instructions, an adapter and, of course, the pen itself.

3D pen-3 supports 2 plastic modes: PLA and ABS. Everyone chooses for himself which plastic is more convenient to use. ABS is more durable but has an odor. It is recommended to ventilate the room while working with it. PLA plastic is more environmentally friendly, but more expensive.

Using a 3D pen is quite simple, even a child will figure it out!

— First, prepare your workspace. Remove everything else so that your hands move freely and nothing interferes with your creative flow.

— Read the instructions carefully. Most often, this item is skipped and faced with the fact that the pen stops working. But most mistakes can be avoided if you take this step responsibly.

— Select the type of plastic you will be working with.

— Plug the adapter into a power outlet and heat the handle to the desired temperature. The temperature will be different for different types of plastic.

— After the handle has reached the temperature, insert a thread of plastic into the hole at the top of the handle. Press the plastic feed button.

— After a few seconds, the first plastic will come out of the nose of the pen. The melted thread solidifies quickly outside the pen, so start painting right away.

Ready! You can enjoy creativity!

After finishing work, do not forget to remove the plastic from the 3D pen and clean the pen with a ramrod. If you properly maintain the pen, it will serve you for a long time.

Whether you want to spend quality time with your child, find a new hobby or get serious about art, New Future’s 3D pen-3 (art. 16769469) will do just fine! Happy shopping!


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