Which oiler is better to choose


Butter dish is designed for serving and storing butter. It can be made of porcelain, stainless steel, ceramic, glass, dolomite or plastic. To choose a quality oiler, pay attention to the size, material, design and ease of maintenance.

The size

A piece of butter familiar to you should fit freely in the oiler (without touching the lid and sides). But at the same time, it should be compact so as not to take up much space in the refrigerator. When choosing the right size, be guided by the number of people at the table: the larger the family, the more you will need a butter dish, for example, at breakfast.


Glass has a beautiful appearance that can decorate any serving, including a festive one. But some glass models may be heavy or slippery to the touch. In addition, it is a fragile material that requires careful handling to avoid chips, scratches and cracks.

Plastic considered one of the most practical and inexpensive materials. It is light, tactilely less slippery, so it does not require special care in handling.

Stainless steel will look new even after years of use. It is a beautiful material that harmonizes with cutlery and other kitchen utensils. Such a butter dish can even be put in the freezer, it is not afraid of temperature changes. But on the shiny surface of the oiler, scratches can appear from improper washing with an abrasive sponge or sharp cutlery. And on too thin material, small dents are possible if the oiler is dropped on a hard surface.

Porcelain and ceramic oilers of an unusual shape, with a pattern, are often very decorative. They are liked by adults and children and harmoniously complement the serving in a country house. Due to the variety of models, it is easy to associate the design of such a butter dish with the decor of the kitchen, dining room or terrace.


Most often, oilers are made of two parts: a flat base and a three-dimensional cover. To prevent the lid from slipping, the sides are provided on the base. The main task of the product is the storage of oil. This product absorbs odors easily. Since the oiler will be stored in the refrigerator, it is especially important to isolate the oil from excessive contact with air. This means that the best oiler will be the one with the tightest lid.

The second purpose of the butter dish is to serve butter. Choose a product depending on the dishes you already have. It is good if it harmonizes with other objects in color, shape and overall style. A low-rimmed oiler on a base stand is used to supply cold oil. Soft butter is served in a butter dish with high sides.

Ease of care

Before buying, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations for care, whether the selected oiler can be washed in the dishwasher. The easier the maintenance, the less time and effort you have to spend on it and the more hygienic the chosen model is to use.

Tips for storing oil in a butter dish

  1. Oil in the original packaging can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 months. Opened packaging must be used up within 3 weeks. Fill the oiler in such a way that you do not store oil in it longer than this period.

  2. Take the butter dish out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before spreading the sandwiches to give the product time to soften.

  3. In order to keep the oil longer, before each new filling, the oiler should be washed, cleaned of oil residues.


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