When you need rest after rest. How to prepare for the work week?


Salads are eaten, Santa Claus is met, gifts are given away, children’s Christmas trees are finally over … And now we need to return to working days again. How do moms and dads get back to life if it seems that after a long New Year’s holiday, another vacation is needed?

We remove the Christmas tree

First of all, you need to get rid of all the New Year paraphernalia. Christmas tree — throw away or disassemble, put toys and decorations back in the box. The child can be fully involved in this process.

As long as the festive decor is hung throughout the house, the children will live in happy ignorance of the holiday and expect new gifts. But as soon as all this disappears, the former calm will reign at home and the working and educational mood will gradually return.

Getting ready in advance

If you want to survive the New Year, you need to prepare in advance. Of course, this does not mean that already under the chimes you need to sit and think about the working week, until which you still have to live and live, but 2-3 days before the end of the holidays it is already time.

In the last days of the New Year’s holiday, make a small plan of things that need to be completed before you finally get back to work.

Psychologists advise to formulate goals for the next week, month, half year, year and write them down in a diary. They say that thoughts recorded in a written format allow you to concentrate more seriously on tasks, but while a person writes them, he visualizes his own future. Just please don’t scold yourself if something from the list didn’t work out!

New Year — New Beginnings

How to tune in to the working rhythm mentally? Remind yourself that the new year is the perfect time for accomplishments, including career ones. To maintain a cheerful mood, you can write 100 wishes and try to fulfill them throughout the year. Try to look at your list in a week, and then in a month — some small desires will definitely come true. This can cheer you up, at least partly relieve you of the post-holiday blues.

Stretching the Pleasure

The end of the holidays does not mean that pleasures and entertainment should be left in the past. On the contrary, dosed joy will only replenish energy reserves!

What does it mean? Stretch the pleasure. Try ordering a pizza to take home after your first day of work, go to the movies with your kids on the weekend after your first week of work, or visit a water park with your kids in the midst of feral cold weather. Let the holiday go unnoticed.

Of course, goodies should not be abruptly removed from the table either. After all, there is nothing better than eating a candy or a tangerine after a hard day. In life, it is always important to leave a little space for joy, and for this you do not need to lay a festive table with salads, champagne and expensive snacks.

Active lifestyle

Physical activity helps to get involved in the upcoming work. At the same time, the level of activity can be completely different: from easy walks with children in the nearest park to complex multi-complex exercises in the gym.

Sport is good for everyone: firstly, it activates the muscles, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Thanks to this, a person feels better, as oxygen metabolism improves and sleep normalizes.

Thanks to sports loads, even in the first working days, you will not feel squeezed out like a lemon during the day. Sports will give cheerfulness, excellent mood and a powerful supply of energy.

Don’t want to play sports? Your favorite winter outdoor activities will help you: snowball fights, ice skating, snowman building, skiing, sledding and ice skating down the hills — the choice is huge. Turn on yourself and connect the children — it is also important for them to stay cheerful in kindergarten or at school!

Daily routine — everything is the head

How to fit into the work schedule ourselves, and help the children «rise» after a series of endless vacations? Of course, back to the regime. It is absolutely not necessary to wake up at 6 am every day starting from January 2, as if on a call. But you can gradually reduce the amount of sleep. It is better to return the previous regime 3-4 days before the end of the New Year holidays. In this case, the urgent need to get up at 6:30 on the first working day of the year will not hit the “butt” on the head.

Try to go to sleep earlier the night before so that you can wake up earlier. Do it at the same time, without being distracted by countless movies, shows, or repeats of the blue lights.


Vitamins help to get back into shape after the holidays along with an active lifestyle. In the last days of the holidays, a person feels bad not only because of the “inevitability of being”, but because of the lack of many microelements: mayonnaise salads, alcohol, a lot of sweets — who has not sinned with this? And then there is winter itself — the time of beriberi, drowsiness and chronic fatigue.

Vitamins do not completely solve the problem, but they support the body perfectly. Provide your family and children with fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, dried fruits: it is both tasty and healthy.
Very important: before drinking vitamins in tablets, be sure to consult your doctor!


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