What to do if the screen on the laptop turned upside down


A common question for laptop users is how to flip the screen on a laptop. The first thing that comes to mind in such a situation is that the video card has failed, and you need to reinstall the driver. The solution as a whole is not bad, but before using this method, you can try simpler methods, since in the vast majority of situations the problem is not in the video card, but in the inaccurate use of the gadget.


The Windows 10 operating system provides the ability to flip the screen back using a key combination.

inverted image

Important! It should be noted right away that not all laptops support this function, and even from the same manufacturer, different models can either return the screen when using hot keys or not respond to user actions.

To flip the image on a laptop, you can try pressing the alt + ctrl + up arrow buttons together. In some cases, the orientation is changed by pressing the same combination, but replacing the up button with the arrows down, right, left, while up and down turn the image 180 degrees, and side ones 90 degrees.


Using a gyroscope

Modern laptops come in a variety of form factors. One popular option is laptop-transformer, which has several modes of operation — a tent, a tablet and a laptop. Similar devices can be found at Lenovo and Asus companies. A feature of these devices is the built-in gyroscope, which can independently rotate the screen on a laptop depending on its position in space.

Laptop transformer

Sometimes the user carries the device in a bag and, having taken it out, finds that the image has turned upside down. In this case, to fix just rotate the device againand everything will return to normal.

Built-in Windows utility

If it was not possible to turn the screen on the laptop with the buttons, then you can turn to the built-in utility, which is provided in all operating systems — Windows 7, 8, 10 and in the old XP. Entering the utility is easy, just open the desktop settings and select the correct position in the “screen orientation” submenu. In Windows 8 and 10, this requires going to the «display settings» in the desktop menu. Similarly, entering the menu is carried out on older operating systems.

Screen orientation

There are four positions in «screen orientation».

  1. Landscape (standard correct mode).
  2. Landscape inverted (the picture is rotated 180 degrees, that is, upside down).
  3. Book (90 degrees with a turn to the right).
  4. Book inverted (90 degrees — turn to the left).

Video card driver

If the screen on the laptop is turned upside down, and at the same time the laptop is equipped with a discrete Radeon or GeForce video card, you can use the native utility that is installed along with the driver on the graphics adapter.

Advice! You can find the utility in the tray or Start menu programs.

The utility from nVidia is called “nvidia control panel«. In it, open the «display» — «rotate the display» and expand the picture as needed.

nvidia control panel

The AMD brand named the utility Catalyst Control Center. Here you should select «graphics adapter control center» — «display tasks» and click on the picture that displays the appropriate screen position.

Catalyst Control Center

Some laptops with Intel Integrated Graphics will not force users to do unnecessary actions at all. It is enough to right-click on the desktop and, by selecting «graphics options» — «rotation», specify the desired rotation angle.


Third Party Programs

For those users who change the orientation on purpose, for example, this is required for the convenience of making presentations or working, it will be convenient to download special applications that not only correct the inverted screen, but also have additional settings in their functionality.

  1. PivotPro allows you to not only change the orientation, but also adjust the color of the monitor. There are hot keys, as well as the ability to make different screen rotation for multiple connected monitors.
  2. EEERotate — a utility that can not only rotate the screen, but also change the orientation of the touchpad.
  3. iRotate is a simple utility. After installation, it is displayed in the tray, and RMB brings up screen rotation options.


All of the above methods will help return the screen to its normal position, but you should understand what caused the rotation. Sometimes this is an accident — a cat stepped on the keyboard, or a child pressed it, but the failure can also be caused by viruses or system failures.


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