What to do if the screen on the laptop blinks


We can confidently say that the main part of the laptop is its screen. It is through him that the user receives graphic information. But what if the screen on the laptop flickers? This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes the problem is easy to fix on your own. But often the intervention of specialists is required. Especially if the image twitches or the screen goes blank when the lid is moved.

Incorrect work of drivers

Drivers can be caused not only by a software error. Often this happens when updating the operating system. And especially often — if the user does not use the manufacturer’s official drivers. In case of incorrect operation, the following occurs:

  • the screen on the laptop blinks, goes out and turns on during normal operation;
  • there is no normal image in games, or it is impossible to switch the resolution;
  • ripples appear on the laptop screen, which have a repeating structure.

Girl behind a laptop

To fix incorrect drivers, they need to be reinstalled.

Advice! It is recommended to download the software from the graphics card manufacturer’s website. This not only provides more fine-tuning options, but also ensures that the adapter and operating system interact correctly.

If reinstalling doesn’t help, you can toggle screen refresh rate in OS settings. You need to do it like this (in both Windows 7 and Windows 10):

  • right-click on an empty desktop area;
  • select Display settings;
  • are included in the Advanced Options section.

Additional display options


Here you should go to the Adapter tab. By changing the refresh rate and color depth, you can correct the situation when there is flickering on the laptop screen.

Adapter overheating

If the screen blinks and twitches during the game, it goes in stripes — the reason for this phenomenon is understandable. It’s the video card overheating under load. To get rid of the problem, you should carry out a complete preventive maintenance of the laptop.. It includes not only removing dust from the elements of the cooling system, but also replacing the thermal paste on the chips.

For game lovers who have a flashing screen, an indispensable accessory is ventilating stand. It will direct an intense air flow into the laptop cooling system, helping the video card not to overheat.

Ventilated stand

Important! It is worth remembering that when using such a stand, the system should be prevented more often, since more dust gets into the case.


Monitor cable

The laptop monitor is connected to the motherboard or video card (depending on the characteristics of the hardware platform) using a flat, flexible cable. Each time you open and close the lid, this part is deformed. Over time, the current-carrying paths can break. It is also possible that the monitor cable popping out of socket. The problem manifests itself as follows:

  • the screen on the laptop blinks, but this happens sporadically;
  • when the cover is moved, the display may turn off or vice versa, earn;
  • The laptop monitor only works in a certain position of the lid.


Advice! It is recommended to insert the cable into the connector or replace the part at the service center. The fact is that getting to its location is quite difficult. You will have to disassemble and assemble almost the entire hardware platform. And it is almost impossible for a person without special knowledge to do this without errors.

Nutritional deficiencies

When the screen works normally when the laptop is powered by a battery without charging, but goes out or flashes when the adapter is connected (or vice versa) — the problem is in the power supply system of the product. This problem occurs in several cases:

  • a powerful video card with high power consumption is installed in the laptop;
  • the user bought a standard, universal power adapter;
  • for convenience, the cable from the PSU to the laptop or from the network to the adapter was lengthened;
  • the power supply has physical damage and does not reach the declared parameters during operation.

With a damaged battery The screen may flicker when the charger is off. This means that one of the energy storage jars is broken, or the power controller is not working properly. The battery needs to be replaced or refurbished. In most cases, it is easier to purchase a new battery. It makes sense to restore it only when the laptop model is unique, or components are no longer available for it.

Laptop and battery

Before going to the store for a new battery is check the cleanliness of the contacts of its compartment. To do this, turn off the laptop and remove the battery. They try to remove traces of oxides with a thin blade without wiping the metal pads of the battery. A more expensive way is to use a chemical inhibitor for electronic contacts. The platforms on the laptop case are serviced in the same way. Upon completion of work, all metal groups are cleaned with a rubber band.

Another common cause of problems is long cables. Too much voltage drops on the wire sections. If you cannot get rid of long cables, you should replace them with as thick as possible.

Another problem with the power supply system may be in the connection network. Costs check socket. Perhaps it just has low voltage, not enough for normal operation of the power adapter and mobile device.

Universal advice for those who have a screen on a laptop blinking, blinking when connected to a network or battery — check the power sources. This is a battery, socket, adapter. In the case when the laptop is equipped with a more efficient video card during the upgrade, you should choose a new power supply. Most brands that produce mobile devices on their official website provide a complete list of compatible adapters and indicate their parameters. Finding the right one to eliminate the flickering of the laptop screen will not be difficult.

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