What to do if the laptop is very slow


Software year by year begins to require more and more system resources. Therefore, the situation when an old laptop began to slow down is quite natural. Hardware improvement required. However, it happens that a new laptop with Windows 10 slows down. You can do some work yourself to speed up the machine. But you need to act carefully and prudently.


Overheating is the worst enemy of laptops. The accumulation of dust on the elements of the cooling system leads to the fact that it cannot remove enough heat, because of this, the laptop slows down and hangs.. Moreover, this can also happen at a time when complex toys or demanding applications are not launched on it.

Dust in the laptop

If the laptop began to slow down a lot, you should:

  • check if there are pronounced hot zones on the surface of the case;
  • bring your hand to the outlets of the ventilation system to assess the temperature and intensity of the air flow;

laptop heatsink

  • install on Windows 10, Windows 7 utilities for monitoring the temperature of the processor and graphics chip.

If the software shows that the CPU and GPU are above 60-70 degrees, then it’s overheating. This can also be said by the fact that an HP laptop or other model has hot spots on the case. At the same time, the air flow from the ventilation outlets is weak and overheated. The answer to the question of how to fix this sounds simple: need system maintenance. You can do it yourself. In the absence of skills, it is better to take the device to a service center.


Advice! What to do if a recently purchased laptop overheats? There is also a simple recipe for this situation. To prevent the laptop from slowing down due to overheating, you do not need to put it on a blanket, knees in a bathrobe, or any other soft surfaces.

Insufficient performance and system resources

If an old laptop starts to slow down and does not overheat, you should think about increasing system resources. There are three significant parts to upgrade.

  1. CPU. The laptop CPU can be changed if there is a chip with the socket used in the system. You need to change the processor only if its parameters give at least 20-30% performance increase. On some systems, the CPU cannot be replaced. Information about whether an upgrade is available can be found on the laptop manufacturer’s website or received as an answer to a question on the support forum.
  2. RAM. There is a well-known proverb that Windows 7 and Windows 10, at the first opportunity, take up exactly as much RAM as it is installed in the system. There are two ways to increase the amount of RAM. If the motherboard has free slots for installing RAM lines, they are simply added. Otherwise, they remove the old RAM and put larger strips in its place.
    Adding RAM
  3. video card. Avid gamers pay the most attention to the performance of the graphics subsystem. To replace the video card with a more powerful one, you should carefully study the issue and consult with experts. It is possible that the existing case and cooling system simply will not allow an adapter that generates too much heat or requires an unacceptable amount of power to work.
    video card
  4. The last way to make sure that the laptop does not slow down is to replace HDD. Many modern models use spindle, with a frequency of 5400 rpm. A simple upgrade translates into installing a faster, 7200 on the spindle. The cardinal one, which gives the maximum increase in the speed of data exchange with the disk, is the use of an SSD. Solid state drives have data transfer and write performance that is more than adequate for the needs of the operating system.
    Hard drive on a laptop

System freezes

If the laptop hangs, the problem is considered serious. This can happen for two main reasons. First, it is imperative check the system for viruses. It is recommended to do this from a separate bootable media, as many malicious programs can block the work of detectors. You need to check the disk not only with antivirus, but also with scanners of potentially unwanted applications.

If no viruses are found, it is worth test laptop storage. To do this, in the first step:

  • click Start-Computer in Windows 7, Windows 10;
  • right-click on drive C;
  • select the Properties menu item;
  • go to the Service tab;
  • click the Check Disk button.

Check Disk

You need to select all types of testing, disk surfaces and data structures. However, such a check will not show emerging problems that can develop.

Advice! Deeper testing of the surface can be done with the MDDD, Victoria utilities. They immediately show damaged areas, due to which the laptop may hang.

MDDD utilities

MDDD Utility

Disc where you started bad sectors appearbetter to replace immediately. There are specialized software tools with which you can isolate problem areas. However, often, as they say, the game is not worth the candle. The most difficult situation may arise due to errors in the operation of the disk exchange controller. The problem is eliminated only by service center specialists, a complete replacement of the motherboard or re-soldering of worn parts.

Unnecessary programs

The situation when the laptop is very slow may be due to the huge number of installed and startup programs. You can see them:

  • by clicking Start-All Programs-Startup;


  • by pressing Win + R, entering the msconfig command, going to the Startup tab.


Here there is an unexpected number of freeloaders for the average user, each of which eats up part of the system resources immediately after loading. You can speed up your laptop blocking unnecessary programs from running.

Advice! Do not delete those that relate to printer maintenance, antivirus, audio systems. They are easy to identify by the names in the Manufacturer column.

Blocking the launch of unnecessary programs can be done sequentially. One is disabled in the msconfig window or removed from the Start-All Programs-Startup section. The laptop is rebooting. If after loading the system nothing has changed, the sound works, the printer prints, you can move on to the next freeloader. In the event that something necessary is disabled, it is not difficult for the application to allow the launch again.

As a conclusion

Many manufacturers immediately foresee the situation when the laptop slows down. There is means of returning the operating system to its original state. For example, an HP laptop may have an image written to a drive that is not accessible to the user. To restore the system, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The simplest advice so that the laptop does not start to slow down is to periodically defragment the disk and install only those programs that are really needed.

Important! It is worth warning users against using various registry enhancers and cleaners. Most of these utilities, including the popular CCeaner, often lead to partial inoperability of system applications.

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