What to do if the laptop heats up and makes noise


As you use a laptop, any user is faced with the fact that the device starts to warm up. This happens both with budget devices and with top models with an improved cooling system. What to do if the laptop is heating up, and how to identify the causes — is described in the text below.

Search for a heating element

A laptop is a complex device that consists of many nodes. Each of them has its own temperature rating. In order to determine why the laptop is heating up, and how to fix the situation, you need to find what exactly is heating up.

Burning laptop

To search for a node that gives maximum heating, it is recommended to install special software that monitors the heating temperature. One of the best options for this purpose is AIDA64 application. The utility has wide functionality and, in particular, can show the heating of each individual node. The main components that can give a high temperature are the processor, hard drive, motherboard and video card. Recommended parameters for allowable heating (idle / under load):

  • processor 40/70 degrees;
  • graphics card 40/80 degrees;
  • hard drive 50 degrees;
  • motherboard 70 degrees.

When the user has found that he is heating up, you can proceed with procedures that will reduce the temperature.


Dust cleaning

The most common reason for a laptop to get very hot and noisy is dust. As you use the gadget, it draws in air and, passing through the fan, blows it back out. All the dust that is contained in the air remains on the internal components of the device and is packed into the fan. Over time, this leads to noise and the fact that the cooler does not cope with its task. At first, the device starts to work louder, and after a while it turns off.

Dust inside the laptop

How to make sure that the laptop does not heat up — monitor its condition. For this it is enough once every six months, give the device for cleaning or carry out the procedure yourself. The average cost of cleaning is 1500 rubles. This is not the biggest money, but spending it will allow you not to pay large sums for repairs in the future. With sufficient skill and the availability of suitable tools, you can take care of the device yourself. In this case, it will not require any expenses.

Useful advice! To keep your laptop clean, avoid placing it on soft surfaces such as sofas, blankets, and the like. However, this does not eliminate the need for periodic cleaning.

It’s no secret that fabrics accumulate dust in themselves, and a laptop to some extent resembles a vacuum cleaner. When the gadget stands on a soft surface, it draws not only the air from the thing, but also all the dust. Moreover, with such use air circulation is obstructedwhich also leads to the fact that the laptop is very hot.

Replacing thermal paste

Thermal paste is a special tool that is applied to some internal components of a laptop and improves heat transfer properties. After some time, the thermal paste dries out and loses its functions, which means that the processor or other parts will get very hot. You don’t have to replace the thermal paste with every dusting, but it’s worth doing at least once a year.. When buying a new paste, you should not save and buy the cheapest option, since such thermal paste will dry out much faster.

Replacing thermal paste

Important point! Thermal paste must be applied in a thin layer. Its excessive amount can also lead to overheating, as it will have the opposite effect.

Do not forget that the fan has rotating parts, and to maintain its performance, the mechanical parts must also be lubricated.

Cooling pad

If the laptop gets very hot, and this is especially felt in the warm season, you should take care of a cooling pad. It is equipped with fans that provide additional cooling. When choosing, you need to pay attention to their number and size.

Advice! It is not advisable to buy a cheap stand with one small fan, it is better to stop at such an option, in which the fans will cover the entire surface of the device.

Cooling pad

Replacing the fan and cooling system

If, after cleaning and replacing the thermal paste, the laptop still heats up quickly, then the problem is that the cooling system has ceased to perform its functions.. It should be noted that such a situation can occur after 5-6 years of service, but the fan, due to the presence of mechanical components, can fail even faster. This leads not only to rapid heating, but also to the fact that laptop makes noise while working. In this case, you should contact the service to replace the cooler. The task is not the easiest, so you should not do it yourself.

Cooler replacement

Extra software

Different models of laptops are designed for specific tasks. Sometimes a user wants to save money and buys an inexpensive device, and loads it like a powerful device. Heavy software, such as games, photo editors, can affect the heating temperature. The gadget does not cope with the tasks, and the temperature rises.


To understand whether this is really the reason is easy — enough install special software, for example, the AIDA64 utility mentioned above, and see how the stuffing behaves under load. If the reason is really heavy software, then you should refrain from using it, or arm yourself with a cooling pad, although it will not change the situation much. It should be understood that even when watching high-definition video The device may get warm. If the graphics card and processor are not designed to play 4K or FHD content, running them will cause heat.

Useful advice! Do not run many programs at the same time and remove unnecessary from startup. Sometimes the user simply does not know that applications are running in the background, and at the same time they put a load on the laptop and cause overheating.

Overheating while running on battery power

It happens that a high temperature is observed on the gadget when it is running on battery power. In this case, it is in the power settings set power saving mode, in which the processor and other nodes do not operate at maximum power. This will affect performance, but the gadget will heat up less.

Power supply

In addition, the user can set your own performance settings, for example, when working from a battery, use the processor at 80% of its power. This will allow programs that are not the weakest to run, and reduce the temperature, a kind of compromise.


Overheating laptop is not just an discomfort that can be endured. Many users do not pay attention to the heating of the case and start looking for a solution when the gadget not only gets very hot, but also turns off. This happens at critical values ​​and adversely affects the performance of the device, so it is better not to bring the device to such a state. Otherwise, one day after another unauthorized shutdown, it simply will not start, and you will have to go to the service for an expensive repair.

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