What to do if the laptop has a blue screen


The blue screen of death on a laptop or BSOD is a Windows message that a critical problem has occurred. How to cure a laptop, and why this happens is described in the text below.

What is BSOD

The abbreviation comes from the English sentence «Blue screen of death». White letters on a light blue or blue background appear on the device screen. After that, the device may freeze, turn off, or reboot. Sometimes, after a reboot, the gadget boots up, but later the blue screen on the laptop will appear again. In fact, this means that a critical failure has occurred, and Windows cannot continue. A similar phenomenon can be observed in any version of the OS — from the newest Windows 10 to its older versions.

blue screen of death

The cause of the blue screen of death may be a driver malfunction, hardware failure, malicious applications, settings changes, or the result of installing applications.

Blue screen with text

On different operating systems, the screen with errors may visually differ. In Windows 7 and XP, this is a blue background with text and an alphanumeric code at the end. Windows 8 and dozens can contain not only text, but also have a sad emoticon. Sometimes the screen just blue without inscriptions. What the user should do if he encounters a problem is written below.

Operating system services

Windows is often too intrusive, but it is designed in such a way that the user can solve problems as simply as possible. If a blue screen of death occurs on a laptop, you can use the services developed for this as a tablet. In the device settings you need to find «security» and «troubleshooting». Scrolling through the list to the inscription «blue screen» click on «run troubleshooting». Windows itself will find the cause of the failure and fix it.


On older OS this utility can be found in the «Security and Service Center» — «Maintenance» tab. The list will indicate all errors and possible threats, as well as suggestions for their elimination. We start and wait until the system fixes everything.

Safety system

Looking for the cause of BSOD

If the advice above did not help, and the blue screen still appears, then you will have to look for the problem yourself. To do this, after the next blue screen output, we look at what is written, and looking for code. As mentioned above, this can be a code of numbers and letters (0 * 00000A) or just words separated by underscores (SPIN_LOCK_ALREADY_OWNED). We rewrite the code and drive it into a search engine, where results will appear with a description of the problem, as well as a proposal for their elimination.

Important! In newer operating systems, a QR code may appear on the screen in addition to the message. In this case, you can scan it with your smartphone and immediately go to the page with a description and solution to the problem.

If the device immediately reboots when the screen of death appears, and you cannot see the error code, you should install the BlueScreenView application on your laptop. The utility scans the system and displays a list of errors. By the way, according to some of them you can understand what exactly happened. Errors with the .sys extension indicate system failure and corrupted system files. The .dll extension indicates that the dll services library is corrupted and you need to download deleted or corrupted files.

blue screen view

For this you can use DLL suite application. It is quite simple, but the user will have to enter the name of the required file in the application search bar (they can be rewritten from those provided by the BlueScreenView utility). After that, DLL Suite independently downloads the file from the Internet and places it where necessary.

DLL Suite

Another option to consider what exactly is written if the device is constantly rebooting — disable forced restart. To do this, open the «additional system parameters» in the properties of «my computer». Next, click «advanced» and select «options» again. Remove the check mark from the inscription «perform reboot».

Blue screen without inscriptions

Sometimes the user may observe a blue screen without any inscriptions at all. This may move the cursor. In fact, this is an analogue of BSOD. If it is empty, then you can still find the error code. For this it is worth look in C:\WINDOWS\Minidump. This is a kind of place where crash information is stored and it will contain error codes. Further actions are similar to those proposed above. If the folder is not found at the specified address (it is usually hidden, and the display of hidden folders should be enabled), do this:

  1. «System and Security» open the «System» tab. We are interested in its additional parameters.
  2. Open «Download and Recovery». In the parameters of this tab, check «write event to log».
  3. Below you should put a «small memory dump».


After another crash, a minidump folder will appear, in which documents with useful information are saved.

Universal Options

Sometimes the appearance of a BSOD is caused by frivolous problems — lack of OS updates, viruses, overheating of the device. You can fix them by following the steps below. All these recommendations will not take much time and are quite simple, but at the same time very effective in eliminating the blue screen.

Lack of drivers

In some cases, the failure is not caused by a bug, but by a lack of updates, outdated drivers, or viruses. To exclude these possibilities, you should open «Windows Update» and download all possible updates. Besides, the gadget needs to be checked for virusesas well as using the DriverPack utility (any other for installing the driver) to update the drivers of all system components.

driver pack

Problem Application

If it was noticed that a failure occurred after installing a new application, but it cannot be removed due to the fact that a reboot starts when the desktop appears, it is worth try logging in through safe mode. It loads only those services that are necessary for Windows to work. In this case, you can remove the application and thereby cure the gadget.

Safe mode

Laptop overheating

Often the cause of the blue screen lies in the overheating of individual components. It won’t be redundant install temperature check app, a good option is AIDA64 or CPU-Z. Further actions depending on the results — purchase of a cooling pad, replacement of thermal paste.

Incorrect operation of system components

The cause of the failure may be incorrect operation of the hard disk or RAM. To check them, you can use special utilities. A good application for checking and fixing hard drive errors – HDD Regenerator. RAM can be checked with a native utility for Windows 7 and 8 — «diagnostics of RAM problems», you can find it on the appropriate request in the «run» menu.

An excellent option for treating laptop RAM with Windows 10 and XP — memtest86+. The program has nuances. Depending on the format in which it is downloaded, there may be excellent launch options.

  1. The .zip extension is written to and run from a floppy disk.
  2. The .exe extension is from a USB flash drive, while it must be launched from the BIOS as a bootable one.
  3. .gz — runs without installation directly in Windows.

After launching the application in any way above, a blue window will appear. If it does not contain text highlighted in red, then the RAM is working correctly. If there are inscriptions highlighted in red, then errors have been found, and the memory will have to be changed.


Useful advice! To remedy the situation, you can change the battery on the motherboard and reset the BIOS settings. Sometimes a system rollback or reinstallation of the operating system helps to get rid of the problem.

Common Mistakes

As a conclusion, the most common error codes are given. It should be understood that different errors are caused by different reasons, but treatment may be the same.

Error code elimination
System errors. Usually fixed by updating the OS and drivers.
0x00000012 The cause of the error is not known, you need to check all options, including taking into account the possibility of hardware failures.
0x00000018 The error is caused by the driver, but more often by the antivirus. Treatment — updating drivers, removing antivirus, system rollback.
0x00000019 The problem is with the hard drive. It is recommended to check it for errors.
Memory problems. It may be the result of viruses, malfunctions of RAM or permanent memory.
0x0000001D The problem is with the BIOS. It might help to update it.
0x00000021 The problem is caused by memory. In this case, the reason can be both in an excessive amount of operational, and insufficient main. The error can be caused by damage to the hard drive, lack of power.
The problem is caused by insufficient memory. You can try defragmenting, but a more reliable way is to add a drive.
Windows security problem, OS update helps.
Driver error. Usually the text indicates which one is causing the failure, it needs to be updated or reinstalled.
0x0000002D The problem is with the hard drive.
0x0000002B Either there is not enough space on the C drive, or the system needs to be updated.
The driver or OS needs to be updated. Check the system for viruses.

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