What is the tastiest GU Energy Labs Energy Gel?


The Sport Farm online store has several types of gels from Gu Energy Labs, and they are all very popular with athletes. But we decided to rank the most popular flavors that are sold out faster than others. Of course, everyone has their own preferences, and this rating may not match the tastes of the vast majority, but it gives you the opportunity to see which tastes are most popular among you.

We also decided to place gel types on the popularity podium by awarding them first, second and third places. And here the absolute leader is the ORIGINAL gel. This position is more often chosen than ROCTANE or LIQUID. Recall that this is a gel with a very pleasant viscous, like honey, consistency, which is perfectly absorbed by the body without causing a load on the gastrointestinal tract. It contains two types of carbohydrates, which allows you to replenish energy stores as quickly as possible, as well as BCAAs to help muscles during work, sodium and potassium or calcium depending on taste, and in some cases caffeine.

In this category of gels, the most popular flavor was «Happy Cola». This gel contains 150mg of BCAAs, 60mg of sodium and 40mg of caffeine in addition to everyone’s favorite cola flavor. It will betray energy, replenish the water-salt balance and refresh with the invigorating taste of cola. Two salty flavors follow. These are Salted Watermelon and Salted Caramel. They both contain twice as much sodium (125mg) as cola but less caffeine (20mg). Here, energy is supplied to the body with a high sodium content for longer workouts or for physical exertion during the sweltering heat, when salt and minerals are lost by the body during active sweating.

The second place in popularity among the types of gels is occupied by ROCTANE. These gels are stronger than ORIGINAL because they contain 3 times more sodium and BCAAs, and they also have added taurine and beta-alanine. Such gels will be relevant for ultra loads and during protracted competitions. The most popular flavor was «Strawberry-Kiwi». This sweet and sour flavor contains the same calories as a regular ORIGINAL gel, 1425mg BCAA, 125mg sodium. There is no caffeine in Strawberry-Kiwi. The second flavor was Lemonade. It has even more sodium: 180mg. And still no caffeine.

The last category to top the gel charts from Gu Energy Labs is a more fluid version of the classic gel known as LIQUID. It is a gel diluted with water. A more liquid form allows you to not actively drink it with water, and it is also absorbed even more easily than the classic forms of Gu gels. The format of this gel is larger: 60ml instead of 32g for Original and Roctane. A favorite among athletes was the taste of «Orange», where the calorie content remains the same as in Original and Roctane, BCAA is the same as in Original (450mg), sodium 188mg, and caffeine 20mg.


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