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Virtual reality is gradually entering the life of a modern person. There are many developments in this area. There is augmented reality and virtual reality. In recent years, virtual reality glasses for smartphones or computers have become popular. What it is, how it works, and what it is for is of interest to many users, so below is all the useful information on this topic. It will reveal the concept of this device and its purpose, as well as give practical recommendations for choosing.

vr glasses

How VR glasses work

Virtual reality glasses are designed so that the user can not only enjoy a movie, photos or games, but literally live them, that is, see not a two-dimensional, but a three-dimensional picture. At the same time, the user has the opportunity to look around, move around and even interact with surrounding characters.

Glasses design

To make this possible, the virtual reality helmet and goggles are equipped with two aspherical lenses, which give a different picture to the eyes, due to which the user sees a three-dimensional reality. So that he can look around used gyroscope. The sensor tracks the position of the head and adjusts the image to fit it.

Important! The quality of the picture largely depends on the accessory itself, the screen resolution of the smartphone or the filling of the laptop.


At the moment, there are VR glasses for smartphones, PCs and game consoles. In the first case, they have head attachment mechanism, and the picture is fed directly from the smartphone, which is inserted into the accessory case. Synchronization is carried out via a USB cable, the sound can come directly from the smartphone’s speakers or through headphones. For this, a connection is made via a 3.5 connector.

Game console glasses

Models for a computer or Playstation have a more complex design and are actually called a “helmet”, as they are more similar to it. They have a convenient ergonomic design, they are connected to a PC with an HDMI cable, and a USB connection is also required for the gyroscope to work. The sound can come through the headphones or through the speakers of the main unit. In the case of a game console, the movement of the game character is carried out with a joystick.

Important! In order for the user to move in VR glasses, it is necessary to install motion sensors for the PC. They read the position of the player’s body and change the image accordingly.

Purpose of the gadget

The main function of 3D virtual reality glasses is to create a three-dimensional world in which the user is located. It can be a game, a movie or video, photos, and even tutorials. Today, such devices are used to train drivers and improve their skills, to conduct virtual tours in museums, and to educate children.

Man with virtual glasses

Important! It should be understood that a helmet, a smartphone and a laptop by themselves are not a sufficient condition for immersion in the virtual world. The device will not work without the corresponding content.

You will need to download special applications for your phone. In the case of photos and videos, they must also support this function. For a computer and game consoles, the requirements are similar. Not all games can be run in 3D, so you need to pay attention to this criterion when choosing.

Types of glasses

All VR gadgets can be divided into several types. First of all, the division on goggles and helmet. In the first case, the design is basic, and the picture is fed from a tablet or smartphone; there are also stand-alone models. The helmet is a one-piece construction that provides a better immersion and therefore a better wearing experience.

By appointment, glasses and helmets are for devices with which they can interact:

  • for tablet and phone (iOS or Android);
  • for game consoles (Sony PlayStation or Xbox)
  • for laptops and PCs;
  • for TVs.


Technically, the simplest devices are TV glasses. They do not allow you to look around 360 degrees, and simply make objects three-dimensional.. In fact, the device consists of a body and lenses, the first 3D glasses could be made independently from cardboard and two lenses in red and green. Technology has evolved over time, but hasn’t changed significantly.

TV glasses

The division of 3D TV accessories takes place on active and passive. The first ones are also called shutter, since the picture is fed sequentially to one and the second eye. The 3D quality in them is better, but the downside is that they can get tired of the eyes, and they also need to be charged. Passive ones immediately apply a picture to both eyes, are divided into:

  • anhalifes (two colors of lenses are used);
  • mirror (mirrors are located at different angles);
  • polarized (in this case, the lenses scatter light differently).

They do not require charging and do not cause fatigue.

On a note! In 2019, most TV manufacturers refused to support 3D technology, as it is not promising and interesting for users.

For smartphone or tablet

As mentioned above, glasses for a tablet and a phone have a design in which the device itself is mounted on the head (it is possible to adjust the size), and a smartphone or tablet is inserted inside. In this case, in order to choose the right virtual reality glasses, among other things, you need to consider with which diagonal of the device they can interact.

Often users are interested in whether there are special glasses for children. They are, but in fact they are no different from adult options with the exception that they have a more age-appropriate design and are initially designed for a child’s small head, that is, it will be easier to fit them in size. Children’s virtual reality glasses can help a child learn the secrets of space, travel back in time to the existence of dinosaurs, or visit ancient Egypt. There are a lot of opportunities today, and the amount of content is growing very quickly. All that is required is to download the appropriate applications from the play store.

Children's virtual glasses

VR glasses for iPhone, as in the case of children, differ only in that they must have appropriate support. This option should be taken into account. For an iPhone, you can buy a model made by Apple, but there is not much point in this, since high-quality options for Android with iOS support will not prove to be worse.

For consoles and laptops

For consoles and laptops

Virtual reality glasses for laptops and game consoles are generally similar. Required to work console with joysticks. Some types of glasses for consoles are not sold with a remote, but with special controllers that the camera monitors. In the case of HTC Vive gaming glasses, a laser tracking system is used, which will allow the player to move around the room 15 * 15 meters, and all his movements will be transferred to the game.

Girl with tablet

Augmented reality glasses

Another type is augmented virtual reality glasses. The difference lies in the fact that AR devices do not create a new universe, but fit objects into an existing space. An example of AR is pokemon go game, where the user pointed the camera at objects, and the device simply drew Pokémon in them, which the user needed to catch. In this case, glasses were not even required.

How to choose VR glasses

The feeling of using depends directly on the correct purchase. Choosing virtual reality glasses is not an easy task, because there are many options, and the cost varies greatly. The price depends directly on their quality and purpose. Obviously, phone models can’t provide the same experience as gaming consoles or laptops. The price tag of models for mobile gadgets varies from several hundred rubles to several thousand. Helmets for PCs and consoles are much more expensive, and their purchase will cost several tens of thousands.

Smartphone glasses

When buying for a smartphone, you need to consider several parameters.

Smartphone glasses

  1. Operating system type – for iOS or Android, as well as their versions.
  2. supported diagonal.
  3. Viewing angles — the higher they are, the more the user will be able to see around him.
  4. The weight – glasses should not be too heavy initially, so that they are comfortable to use. This is especially true for options for children. The optimal value without taking into account the weight of the smartphone is 300-400 grams.
  5. Control type. The first option is a gyroscope, in this case the user simply turns his head. The second option is glasses with a remote control that controls the movement of the character.
  6. An important point — design. It should be reliable and convenient, today you can find options made of cardboard (the cheapest) or high-quality plastic with convenient fasteners and a layer that will soften the pressure of the device on the face.
  7. When choosing, it is better to buy a model that has Can be used with headphonesnot the smartphone speaker.
  8. For users who have vision problems (farsightedness or nearsightedness), it makes sense to buy model with adjustable focal length.

Advice! If the phone is not fast enough and slows down, you can think about purchasing standalone VR with an Android screen, built-in chipset and its own memory. A good example is the Oculus Go. These are glasses that can work independently, the only caveat is that you need a smartphone to set up this device and download new applications to it.

Oculus Go

For laptop or console

Models for a laptop or set-top boxes are represented by three types — Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR. The latter option was developed directly for the fourth generation Sony set-top boxes, and its availability is a requirement for their use.

For laptop and console

The first two options require a Windows laptop or PC, or an Xbox One, with serious requirements for the PC, from a powerful processor to a graphics card.

virtual glasses

Advice! Before buying, you should study the minimum requirements and draw a conclusion about the appropriateness of the purchase, as the laptop may simply not be able to cope with their support.

htc virtual glasses

In addition, it requires availability of free space, because a special system tracks the player’s movements. It will be very inconvenient to play in such a helmet in a small room. The kit also includes joysticks for VR glasses or controllers with which the user performs various actions in the game.


VR glasses are a trend of recent years, and many people want to test the possibilities of virtual reality for themselves. For those who do not plan to spend a lot of time doing this activity and do not have a large amount of money to buy them, we have developed inexpensive models up to 1500 rubles. They will give a minimum of opportunities, but it will not be a pity if this pampering quickly gets bored. Oculus Go is an option for those who do not have a powerful gadget. For owners of good smartphones who want to get comfort from use and cool experiences, it makes sense to look at more expensive models from Samsung or Google, but first you need to clarify the requirements. For true gamers who are not constrained by funds, devices from Sony, HTC and Oculus Rift have been created, they are considered the best today and provide complete immersion in the process.

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