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The first muscle stimulators were developed for Soviet cosmonauts. During the flight, their bodies remained in weightlessness for a long time, their muscles quickly lost their tone and weakened. To strengthen them and improve the body as a whole, devices with electrical stimulation were used. Later, such devices began to be actively used for medical purposes — in the offices of physiotherapy and exercise therapy. Myostimulants had a positive effect in the treatment of bedridden patients: their blood circulation and muscle performance were restored, more nutrition was supplied to the tissues of the body, and rehabilitation after severe injuries and operations was accelerated. Today, most consumers need a muscle stimulator to lose weight and give muscles elasticity. It is difficult to resist the temptation to get a great figure without getting up from the couch and without putting in physical effort. However, for medicinal purposes, the device is still actively used.

Principle of operation

A muscle stimulator is a medical physiotherapy device that generates electrical impulses that affect the muscles. The device itself looks like an electronic unit with outgoing electrode channels. The electrodes are placed on the necessary parts of the body, when the device is turned on, an electric current begins to flow to them. The strength, frequency of repetition of impulses and the duration of the procedure can be adjusted at your discretion.


In general terms, the scheme of operation of the apparatus can be represented as follows.

  1. The electrodes are attached to the motor points of the body (thighs, back, upper and lower limbs). To increase efficiency, the physiotherapist develops his own scheme for applying electrodes.
  2. Produced settings: duration of exposure, magnitude and frequency of the impulse.
  3. From the electronic unit, through the output channels of the electrodes, a point pulse begins to flow through the wires to the body parts.
  4. The current passes through the skin, affects the nerve fibers, and then goes to the muscle groups.
  5. Nerve fibers transmit impulses to the brain centers.
  6. Muscles are stimulated, they begin to contract more actively.
  7. The walls of large vessels and the smallest capillaries instantly react to the action of the current, improves blood circulation, lymph flow and metabolism in body tissues.

On a note! Usually, the muscle stimulator works no more than 20-25 minutes, this time is enough to affect the muscles.

Types of myostimulators

Currently, muscle stimulators are produced by dozens of domestic and foreign (mainly Chinese) companies. Conventionally, devices can be divided into two broad categories: professional and household.

Professional muscle stimulators have a large number of output channels (about 24!) and electrodes, therefore, they are more efficient and powerful. They carry out a complex effect on various muscle groups, carry out procedures such as electrolipolysis, lymphatic drainage, and interference. They work from the network, have many settings, specialized options and adjustments.

Professional stimulator

Appliances have only 2-4 output channels, a minimum of functions and weak power. They are powered by a battery, you can not play with the adjustment of the parameters. The functionality of household models is more modest, so the effectiveness is much lower, and they are powerless in correcting serious figure flaws. Despite this, inexpensive home devices are also useful to have in your arsenal. With proper regular use, they will help keep the body in good shape, maintain the typed shape, and stimulate blood flow.

On a note! According to their design, myostimulators are divided into mobile (usually battery operated) and stationary with mains power.

Stationary Models

These include professional and semi-professional devices. They consist of a control unit, an internal power supply unit, a set of cables and electrodes. There can be up to 48 electrodes in total. Such myostimulators are most often used for commercial purposes (beauty salons, cosmetology clinics), as well as in physiotherapy rooms. Usually they contain several program options, all parameters are easily and smoothly adjusted. The disadvantage of a stationary device is a large number of wires and high cost.


Wireless (mobile) models

Mobile models are compact, and they can be used at least every day, putting on at any convenient time. The electrodes are attached to the body with a sticky base. Such devices work with less powerthan stationary ones. Most often they act superficially, on individual muscle cells.

On a note! The category of wireless devices includes a massager-myostimulator for the face. It helps to smooth fine wrinkles, improves blood flow and skin color, and reduces puffiness. The massager can be used for the chin, forehead, cheeks and cheekbones.

The main advantages of mobile muscle stimulators — ease of use and affordable price. However, they have much less power and the number of output channels. Among wireless models, several types of devices are distinguished depending on the effect on specific muscle groups.

Mobile muscle stimulator

Myostimulator shorts

Shorts are mainly designed for the hips and buttocks, and also stimulate the muscles of the legs quite well. To enhance the effect, shorts can be used in combination with a belt. In this case, you will tighten the abdominal muscles and at the same time reduce the fat layer on the abdomen. Of course, at the same time you need to eat rightotherwise the pacemaker will be useless.

Hips, buttocks, abs are the most problematic areas in women. To get rid of cellulite, many wear myostimulator shorts for a long time and set the current to the maximum. This is fundamentally wrong and in many ways dangerous. Shorts are a good auxiliary device, but a tangible result can be seen by approaching the solution of the problem in a complex way (nutrition, regular physical activity, electrical stimulation).

Myostimulator belt

According to the method of exposure and dimensions, the device is similar to that described above. The main difference is that the belt is most often used for the muscles of the abdomen and back. It is also called a muscle stimulator for the press, and the most frequent buyers of the belt are overweight women with a noticeable tummy. The belt-myostimulator for weight loss is attached in the waist area, where a gel or a specialized cream is rubbed in advance.

Advice! Doctors recommend wearing the belt for no more than 30 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week.

The power of such a device is small, but complete with shorts shows a visible result: the abdominal muscles become more toned and elastic. Best of all, if the device contains several sessions-programs, then it will be easier for you to choose the optimal treatment regimen individually for your body.

Myostimulator belt

For chest

Myostimulator for chest muscles is in great demand among the fairer sex. Breast muscle stimulator is better use with caution, without exceeding the duration and intensity of exposure indicated by the doctor. Still, the mammary gland is a delicate and sensitive area prone to serious diseases.

Important! It is not recommended for women with mastopathy and cysts in the breast to use the device: it can cause inflammation and aggravate the disease.

For chest


This simulator is made in the shape of a butterfly. It is the most versatile, as it is suitable for strengthening the muscles of the hips, abs, back, buttocks, legs and arms. Myostimulator-butterfly looks aesthetic and compact, and is fixed on any part of the body. It is convenient to take it with you on a trip and even to work, combining a break with useful and exercises for muscle groups.

True, the power of the device is small, and the settings are extremely small. The butterfly copes poorly with the task of losing weight and noticeable figure correction: the power level and the small number of electrodes do not allow. However, this electronic muscle stimulator perfectly relieves fatigue and tension at the end of the working day, tightens the skin, and removes cellulite at an early stage.


Instrument efficiency

Controversy has long been raging about the effectiveness of the device. In advertising on TV and on the Internet, the muscle stimulator is positioned as an effective simulator for body shaping. You put it on, you do your usual things, and meanwhile the muscles are tightened, the extra weight goes away. But not everything is so simple: The effectiveness of the device depends on a number of factors.. Customer reviews are contradictory: some myostimulation helps, others do not notice a visible result. So does it help or not? To answer this question, we list the main tasks of the myostimulator.

  1. Getting rid of excess weight. To remove an unnecessary fat layer, it is best to use professional models. Wireless devices with their small power are simply not able to break down fat! In addition, professional muscle stimulators often have special programs (relaxation, lymphatic drainage, electrolipolysis).
  2. Maintaining muscle tone elimination of skin laxity. All devices cope with this task to varying degrees. Efficiency depends on the manufacturer, specifications and correct wearing.
  3. Myoneurostimulation for breast augmentation. This is more of a myth than the truth. The chest will really become more raised and inflated, however, the effect will last for several months. According to experts, only implants will help to radically change the size of the breasts, and for the pectoral muscles, it is better for women to perform special physical exercises and gymnastics. Thanks to regular exercises, the muscles will become more elastic and toned, the shape of the breast will visually improve.

Advice! So that the treatment does not turn out to be meaningless, it is better to use a muscle stimulator under the supervision of a physiotherapist. He will offer a specific treatment regimen, give recommendations on the settings of the device. No need to blindly trust advertising that promises dizzying results in a matter of days and without any effort.


How to choose the right pacemaker

The range of myostimulators presented in stores is simply huge. Today, dozens of manufacturers are engaged in the release of devices. We must not forget that a muscle stimulator is primarily a medical device, and a poor-quality device can be harmful to health. Before buying, it is advisable to understand the features of the work of myostimulators and highlight the main parameters that should be considered.

  1. Channels.The intensity of exposure and scope depend on the number of output channels. For a superficial effect on the muscles, 2-4 channels are enough. To simulate active physical activity and complex tasks (for example, getting rid of cellulite), it is better to buy a device with 20 channels or more.
  2. Frequency of electrical impulses. An important criterion that determines the quality of the device device. The pulse frequency differs in certain areas of the body. For example, for intensive impact on the main muscle groups and problem areas (thighs and buttocks), it is recommended to use muscle stimulators with a frequency of 2000 Hz. Typically, professional models have the option of adjusting the frequency for a specific treatment goal and body characteristics.
  3. Current strength. This parameter will help you choose a muscle stimulator depending on the purpose. A standard facial massager generates up to 15 milliamps of current, and removing the fat layer will require a current of 30-40 milliamps. The capabilities of a professional muscle stimulator, as a rule, allow you to adjust the current strength at your discretion. The home myostimulator is deprived of the function of setting the current strength, but this is not necessary: ​​the maximum value of the household model does not exceed 15 milliamps.
  4. Electrode type. They differ in size and method of fastening. And if the size of the electrode does not play an important role in myoneurostimulation, but the qualitative contact of the electrode with the body is very important. Of course, the electrode is not attached directly to the skin; as a rule, they are equipped with a tissue surface. There are self-adhesive electrodes, on straps and with a special sponge-current conductor.

Overview of the best models

Consider the best models of myostimulators of various types and purposes.

The best muscle stimulator for the press Beurer EM35

Made in the form of a belt with a sticky surface, it is conveniently and firmly fixed on the stomach. The choice is not accidental: today Beurer the most advanced system for stimulating the rectus and lateral abdominal muscles. Electrical impulses are generated smoothly and softly, with intensity from 0 to 40 and duration up to 200 µs.

Important! The main convenience of the device: contact electrodes-current conductors. This means that there is no need to apply a contact gel to the skin before use.

Beurer EM35

The model will be appreciated by men, since the belt can wrap around the waist up to 130 cm. Users confirm that there is a result from the application, the press becomes more prominent, the muscles relax, the skin becomes more toned. The belt also fits. for the rehabilitation of bedridden and mobility-impaired patients. The best muscle stimulator for the press Beurer EM35 has five built-in programs, therefore, you can choose the perfect training scheme for each individual.

  • easy to use;
  • deep study of all muscle groups of the abdomen;
  • reliable fixation;
  • the presence of a display;
  • no gel required
  • saving workouts in the device memory.
  • can fall from the waist less than 70 cm.

Beurer EM35 on Yandex Market

Best Shorts — Slendertone Bottom S7

Shorts for home use with electric impulses are made by Slendertone. This company is the undisputed leader in the production of this type of device and a frequent participant in any rating of myostimulators. They use their patented CSI technology, the reliability and safety of which has been confirmed by many years of clinical trials at the international level. According to user surveys, 90% notice a correction in the shape of the buttocks and hips after using the Bottom S7 shorts.

Slendertone Bottom S7

There are many settings for the output current and frequency. Includes 4 large electrodes, as well as 4 built-in training programs — from beginner to expert. Each program is built taking into account female physiology, fitness, individual age characteristics. The electronic control unit with a built-in battery is easy to operate, and other Slendertone System devices can be additionally connected to it. Bottom S7 is sold at an estimated price of 12,000 rubles.

  • availability of safety certificates;
  • brand credibility;
  • high-quality muscle stimulation;
  • almost 100 logarithmic intensity levels;
  • parameter adjustment;
  • real results after 2 months of use (according to buyers).
  • high price.

Slendertone Bottom S7 on Yandex Market

The best mobile muscle stimulator US Medica Impulse MIO

The best wireless muscle stimulator is the US Medica Butterfly. Compact and convenient, fastened to any part of the body. There is nothing complicated in the management, only two buttons. Battery operated, equipped with a fabric plate with electrodes. Mobile muscle stimulators cannot boast of power, and the US Medica Impulse MIO is no exception: only 0.3 watts. But there’s more room for imagination here.: 3 training modes and as many as 12 degrees of intensity.

US Medica Impulse MIO

On a note! Interestingly, the built-in workout programs mimic acupuncture, tapping, and even cupping massage.

The trainer is easy to hide under clothes, and is available in two colors: black and white.

  • suitable for men and women;
  • portable and lightweight;
  • replaceable plates with electrodes;
  • the presence of built-in modes;
  • auto power off after the timer expires.
  • over time, the electrode plate may wear out and come loose.

US Medica Impulse MIO on Yandex Market

The best stationary muscle stimulator ESMA 12.16 Universal

The compact dimensions of the device allow it to be used both in salons and at home. Of course, the powerful stationary device ESMA 12.16 intended more for cosmetologists and physiotherapists. There are several modes: complexes for weight loss, correction of the shape of the breast, buttocks, massage and facial rejuvenation. A complete multifunctional device with a maximum current of up to 100 milliamps. The memory of the pacemaker stores the data of the last working programs. This is very convenient: you do not need to set up the device each time before use. There are 16 electrodes and 4 independent channels. In addition, the myostimulator is relatively inexpensive — about 38,000 rubles. This is equal to approximately one course of therapy in a cosmetology clinic.

  ESMA 12.16 Universal

Advice! The benefits are obvious, but before buying it is better to consult with a specialist in physiotherapy. Still, ESMA 12.16 Universal has a lot of fine settings and modes of operation. And it is also recommended to buy several auxiliary accessories for the device: conductive clothing, microcurrent therapy devices, conductive gels.

  • many programs;
  • no need to change electrodes;
  • specialized procedures;
  • deep study of muscles of all types;
  • large amount of memory.
  • a gel current conductor is required.

ESMA 12.16 Universal on Yandex Market


Noticeable results and benefits from the procedures can only be guaranteed by professional devices. Portable devices are more of a toy and do not contribute to significant changes. Before using the muscle stimulator, do not forget to consult with a specialist in this field and study customer reviews, then buying a muscle stimulator will bring only positive emotions.


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