What hairpins do star dads prefer for their daughters


Everyone knows that mothers actively make princesses and beauties out of their babies. But, dads in such moments remain on the sidelines, which creates the wrong impression among others. Fathers love their daughters: they often weave braids themselves and choose hairpins. Therefore, today Our team conducted a comparative analysis and will tell you what happens “behind the veil” of home life for star children and their fathers.

Alexey Yagudin

This person is a creative person — an Olympic champion in figure skating. Therefore, he instills in his blond daughters a love of beauty. The editors learned that, by virtue of his profession, he prefers to decorate girls’ hair with invisible or rhinestone hairpins. But, he does not forget that each of them is a person giving them the final choice!

Interesting! Girls themselves often try on the role of a stylist. 11-year-old Elizabeth and 5-year-old Michelle love creating new hairstyles for dad. Also, they like to decorate dad’s hands with stickers for home performances.

Pavel Priluchny

This man has repeatedly said that his daughter, 5-year-old Mia, makes ropes out of him. The girl grows up with an original look at beauty, which her father does not refuse her. But he himself loves to pamper his daughter with crabs or bows, which are suitable for hairstyles of any type.

Also, Mia showed her own collection in 2019. Showing off her visions, she stepped onto the runway wearing her father’s hair and cute click-clack hairpins.

Igor Nikolaev

In this star family, everything happens the other way around. Because of the image and long hair, hairpins are chosen by 5-year-old daughter Veronica. Basically, she loves bright hairpins bows or ready-made sets of hairpins.

In their family, the tone is set by the child. First, Veronika creates an extravagant hairstyle, and only after that — dad Igor braids various braids using the more popular click-clack hairpins. In the evening, he prefers luminous accessories.

As a result, we can say that even star parents choose ordinary and affordable hairpins for their girls. And most importantly — they always give freedom of choice, without inclining children to something specific, which leads to an early manifestation of creative talents!


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