What drinks to drink in the bath


Bath, how much in this word! Many of us prefer vaping with a whisk, because hot air (in moderation) heals, removes toxins and, of course, improves mood!
Bath lovers know that herbal tea is one of the best drinks to drink between baths.

Why is bath tea so useful? This is a kind of tradition that has its roots in antiquity, and this is no accident. Herbal preparations have a positive effect on overall health.
After all, tea is an excellent way to replenish the water-salt balance. When vaping, the body actively loses moisture through sweat, but the lack of fluid must be replenished in time! Tea effectively solves this problem. Unlike sugary drinks, juices, sodas, alcohol, which, on the contrary, lead to even greater dehydration of the body.
Drinking tea after a bath can significantly speed up the metabolism, while removing toxins from the body, this property helps to get rid of extra pounds without much effort.
Herbal tea for a herbal bath is a storehouse of useful elements that are well absorbed under the influence of high temperature. By the way, mineral water in the bath, on the contrary, will be harmful, since an excess of microelements will negatively affect the functioning of the joints and the urinary system.
Tea can tone and relax, properly selected and brewed herbal tea will give you good health and mood. An excellent option would be tea with honey in the bath.
We present you Ivan-tea Siberian forbs to strengthen the immune system.
The composition of Ivan-tea Siberian herbs is used in the treatment of gastritis, stomach ulcers, kidneys, and bladder. Has antitumor activity.
Ivan-tea contraindications: children under 6 years old; people suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure); pregnant women, it is better to consult a doctor.



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