What cards are used for tachographs?


In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, every commercial vehicle must be equipped with a tachograph. Ignoring the requirement threatens the owner of the enterprise with a serious fine. This satellite device allows you to track the route of the vehicle and calculate its average and maximum speed. With it, you can not only reduce the cost of car maintenance, but also increase road safety.

Driver card

You can install the existing tachograph yourself or entrust this matter to qualified specialists. To ensure the identification of an employee using satellite equipment, chip access cards are used. Inside the chip is a cryptographic computer processor. Thanks to this technology, the probability of counterfeiting the device is reduced to a minimum. Here are the main types of cards:

  • Masters. This item is used for calibration as well as equipment settings. Be sure to use after installing the device to adjust the parameters. It will also be required for periodic adjustment of the device during operation.
  • Card of a commercial enterprise or company. The main purpose is to receive information from the device. With this component, you can learn about the average and maximum driving speed, as well as the route traveled by the car. A large selection of fuel consumption monitoring systems is presented on the site.
  • Controller card. It is designed to remove the existing indicators of state bodies. These may be representatives of the police or the state commission that inspects the enterprise.
  • Driver. Designed to identify the driver of the car.

As for the design, this device is similar to the SIM card of mobile operators. The essential difference lies in the use of a more serious and reliable level of protection. The driver of a commercial vehicle will not be able to use someone else’s card. Before driving, the element must be inserted into a special slot on the body of the satellite equipment.

Installing a tachograph is a responsible procedure for a car owner that does not tolerate mistakes. Therefore, it is better to entrust the installation and connection of equipment to specialists in this industry so that everything is done correctly and reliably.


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