What are the criteria for choosing a laptop?


Laptops are becoming more and more popular and are gradually replacing home and office desktop computers. And in order to choose the right device that will last more than one year and perform all the necessary tasks, it is necessary to analyze all the criteria and characteristics. In addition, the price of a laptop will directly depend on its hardware, design features (there are both regular models, thin ultrabooks, and 3in1 transformers with touch screens).


Main characteristics requiring attention

Select a laptop on the website www.sulpak.kz/f/noutbuki according to the following parameters:

  • Display. The screen size can be from 10 to 17 inches. Companies offer customers both matte and glossy finishes. If desired, you can also purchase a protective film on the screen. For those who are looking for a mobile device with small dimensions, it is better to choose a smaller diagonal. For home use, options with a parameter of 15.6 or 17 inches will be convenient.
  • CPU. The most popular are models with Intel, AMD. Both those and others are both multimedia and gaming. You can choose from a powerful and productive laptop with one of the processors, as well as an average device designed for working with documents and surfing the web. The number of cores in the processor can be from 2 to 8 or more.
  • Video card. It can be either built-in or discrete. The first is used in laptops for everyday tasks. The second type of card is installed in powerful multimedia and gaming devices.
  • HDD. Maybe SSD, HDD. Some models have both options. In this case, the operating system and programs are installed on the SSD. The volume can be from 256 GB to 1 terabyte.
  • RAM. Multitasking and performance of equipment directly depend on RAM. 8 GB is sufficient for most tasks. If you choose a gaming laptop, it is better to start from 16 GB.
  • Support for wireless technologies and availability of ports. For everyday tasks you will need Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. LAN, HDMI ports, a drive (DVD + / RW drive) are also in demand.
  • Operating system. Laptops are sold both without OS and with pre-installed Windows, Linux.

The above lists only the main parameters that are recommended to be analyzed first. It is also worth paying attention to features such as:

  • keyboard backlight;
  • battery type (removable or non-removable);
  • the presence of a webcam and its resolution.

Sale of laptops in Kazakhstan

Sulpak laptop online store offers a wide range of models from manufacturers such as:

  • Acer;
  • Apple;
  • asus;
  • Dell;
  • Hewlett Packard;
  • Lenovo;
  • Microsoft;
  • Sony;
  • MSI;
  • Toshiba.

Customers will be pleased with both profitable promotions, discounts, and low prices for laptops. You can place an order online with delivery to any city. In addition, you can buy a laptop not only with an advance payment, but also in installments, a loan with a guarantee from the manufacturer.


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