What are the advantages of TalleR oilers?


TalleR presents several types of high-quality, stylish, steel oilers.

🧈Stainless steel is ideal for storage, as it does not absorb foreign odors, does not imbue with a taste of metal, does not deform, is not afraid of temperature changes and is easy to clean.

🧈 An important plus is that steel oilers do not let in sunlight, which negatively affects the shelf life of the oil, taste and texture, because when heated, the oil will melt.
The lid fits snugly under its own weight and does not roll off the surface of the base.

What are the advantages of TalleR oilers?
The edges are carefully processed, so it is simply impossible to cut yourself.
🧈In addition, the metal is not afraid of impacts and looks great due to polishing, harmoniously fitting into any table setting.
🧈The butter dish is absolutely not afraid of falling and will definitely not break

What are the advantages of TalleR oilers?

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