We tell you how to twist rolls from a sushi chef!


We all liked the sushi. So much so that we order an exotic (for Russian people) dish with or without a reason. And it flies into a pretty penny. However, it’s a bit pricey in today’s reality. But you can cook rolls at home!

Products are the most understandable and, as a rule, affordable. Or with a budget alternative, at worst. Salmon can be easily replaced by herring, canned fish, crab sticks. And nori sheets are elementary cucumber slices. A kind of Russian rolls in a Japanese way.

If they figured out the products, then the cooking technology is somehow not very good. It is impossible to twist the roll, as from a restaurant. Even with a bamboo mat and under the guidance of a video guru. Homemade sushi doesn’t stick together properly, no matter how hard you try!

It’s all about rice — the most capricious ingredient. This is how you cook rice according to all Japanese rules, then you try to twist it, as YouTube prescribed. And as a result you get curves of similarity of rolls. So much trouble that it’s easier to order sushi than to spoil the food, and then also clean the kitchen.

You can painfully fill your hand for a long time, and become a real sushi chef. But with Sushezi sushi sets, everything will go much faster. If you follow the instructions — the result will please the first time!

The main «weapon» of the correct rolls is the Sushezi mechanical bazooka. Simple reliable machine made of solid food grade plastic. Even a child can master it! The machine will do the most difficult job for you — it will compact the rice like a real sushi maker. It remains only to think over the filling of the rolls and prepare the products.

We work according to all the rules:

We disassemble the Sushezi bazooka, lubricate it so that the rice «sausage» goes like clockwork

Densely fill both halves of the machine with rice, put the filling on top

We assemble the machine with latches, insert the piston

Squeeze the stuffed rice onto the nori sheet

We turn the roll and moisten the edges to stick together.

It remains to squeeze the roll with your hands and forget about it for about 15 minutes. You can cut it right away, but sushi tastes better when it rests a little. In the meantime, let’s work on the formation of the following portions. In 15 minutes you will wind rolls for a large company. How much money have we saved? How about cleaning the kitchen?

After all, twisting the rolls by hand is still fun. It is better to wrap a bamboo mat with cling film, so as not to wash off rice later. Rice, glutinous and ubiquitous, will be all over the kitchen. And the Sushezi Bazooka will allow you to gently squeeze the filling onto the nori sheet without dropping a grain of rice. It just takes getting used to!

In principle, one machine is already enough to spin rolls like from a restaurant. But it is better to buy a complete set of Sushezi sushi utensils. In addition to the bazooka, the set includes:

· Bamboo rolling mat

two sets of bamboo sticks and a case for them

Painted duck-holders for chopsticks, just like in a Japanese restaurant

a pair of different spatulas for rice — put one in the bazooka, the other — level

a special sharp knife for sushi, to which rice does not stick

The Sushezi set also includes an avocado cutter. Tropical fruits are frequent ingredients in overseas rolls. Using a table knife to cut an avocado for rolls is not as difficult as it is inconvenient. And the avocado knife from the Sushezi set is special, plastic. It enters the pulp of a tropical fruit like butter. It is very convenient for them to remove the stone from the avocado, and with the other end, with a grate, cut the flesh into even slices. The same knife is good for mangoes.

So, with simple but smart devices, you can make your life easier. Diversify the menu, surprise guests, and at the same time increase your self-esteem. After all, now your rolls are like from an experienced sushi chef!


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