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You can quickly move around the city not only by your own car or public transport. In the modern world, a large number of individual means of transportation have appeared. Their advantage can be called not only speed, but also independence from the position on the road. No traffic jams will become an obstacle for a person on an electric scooter. In the material below, we choose an electric scooter and learn about the features of this modern and popular device.

Device and principle of operation

In fact, an electric scooter is a modification of a conventional one.

Important! The difference lies in the reinforced frame, the presence of an engine, a battery to power it, as well as a control controller. The presence of an electric drive does not affect the ability to use muscular force to set the device in motion.

electric scooter

In addition, the device is equipped with brakes — the brake pad control lever is attached to the steering wheel. Modern scooters with a motor have a whole a number of improvementsthat contribute to a more comfortable ride. These include:

  • fixed or folding seat;
  • headlights;
  • signaling;
  • trunk for the transport of goods;
  • a mirror for viewing what is happening behind;
  • suspension shock absorbers;
  • speedometer and other sensors to control movement and speed.

The principle of operation of an electronically driven scooter is very simple: the engine receives energy from the battery and drives the wheels. In this case, the process is controlled by a special controller, which receives instructions from the throttle on the body and increases or decreases the speed. It is also connected to a gyroscope, which measures the position of the device on the road — it takes more revolutions to climb a hill, and vice versa.

girl on a scooter

Varieties of electric scooters

The purpose of the scooter is simple — to deliver the user from one point to another. Today on the market you can find electric scooters for kids and adults. They differ in size, maximum allowable user weight, handle height, engine power. On average, an electric scooter for kids can carry users up to 60 kg, and the maximum speed usually does not exceed 25 km/h. Adult models are designed for more weight, and the maximum speed of an electric scooter for an adult user is slightly higher — about 35 km / h.

Scooter for adults

Many scooters have a foldable design that makes it easier to carry. It was mentioned above that models can be with seat. It can be fixed or retractable. Optionally, the device can be equipped with a luggage carrierthat will allow you to carry light loads.

folding scooter

In addition to the division into adult and children’s electric scooters, there is a difference in the number and arrangement of wheels.

  1. two wheeled scooter — the most common and classic look. It has a solid construction, fairly small size, good efficiency. It is universal — the handle can be adjusted in height, which allows people of any age to use it. The disadvantage of this device is that there is nowhere to place additional batteries or one large one.
  2. Tricycle scooter with two wheels in the back. The device is bulky and heavy, but at the same time more comfortable due to the fact that you do not need to learn how to balance (this is done by two rear wheels). In addition, more powerful engines and capacious batteries are installed here, which allows the device to provide a large power reserve. Typically, models with two wheels at the rear are equipped with a trunk and a seat.
  3. The last and least common type is device with two wheels located in front. This is a hybrid of a scooter and a segway. It is characterized by improved maneuverability, but a low level of ride comfort. And also they are difficult to manage — this will have to be learned.
    three wheels

Another division is by drive.

  1. Rear chain. Torque is transmitted from the engine located in the front to the rear wheels.
  2. Single drive — here the wheel is mounted with the engine. It can be installed both front and rear. The most common type.
  3. Four-wheel drive — both wheels are equipped with motors. Due to this, battery consumption increases, but patency improves.

Selection Tips

To buy a scooter and not be disappointed in the purchase, it is important to choose the right one. Any technique has a number of parameters that in a certain way affect the capabilities and usability of the device.

  1. Battery power directly affects the power reserve. The best battery option is one that is designed for at least 25 km. It should be understood that the maximum indicator is usually indicated in the technical parameters. That is, a device for teenagers and adults will behave differently with different user weights. For example, a rider with a weight of 50 kg will be able to cover the claimed 25 km, and a person who weighs 80 kg will only cover 15 km/h. The operating conditions also affect the autonomy — in the cold, the battery sits down faster.
    Gray scooter
  2. Movement speed. It may seem that 25 km / h is very little. But do not forget that in this case the user is driving a compact device, most often standing, and even at this speed it is not too easy to control. Modern models can reach speeds of up to 35 km / h, but even for adults this is a lot. It is better to stop at a device that overcomes 25 km / h, and for children to pick up a device from 10-15 km / h. This will provide security.
  3. Wheel size affects the patency, but at the same time on the weight and dimensions. Models with large wheels will easily drive onto the curb and will not cause inconvenience when driving on broken asphalt. At the same time, they make the device heavy, and it will not be very comfortable to wear it. The best option is 8-10 inches.
    red scooter
  4. Wings are not a parameter that affects the speed or distance of the trip, but will protect the user from splashes and mud when driving in bad weather.
  5. The weight. Everything is obvious here. A light scooter can be easily lifted up the stairs, it will not interfere much when moving in public transport. In addition, it is easier to handle it if the battery runs out. The optimal choice is from 10 to 20 kg. It is better for girls and children to choose a model closer to 10 kg, the stronger sex can focus on 20 kg gadgets.
    Carrying a scooter
  6. Dimensions. In this case, the advantages and disadvantages are similar to the previous paragraph. A small scooter is easier to carry and store. Often they have a folding shape — this is very convenient when riding in public transport. Models with a seat can have a stationary version, that is, not removable, or the seat can be installed and removed if necessary. Obviously, the second option is more convenient.
  7. It will not be superfluous when buying to take care of the availability of the device lighting systemsafter all, you will have to travel not only in the daytime.

Additionally, you should take care of the presence of an alarm system — after all, it is not very convenient to walk in a shopping center with a scooter, and it is not safe to leave it on the street. However, this is a matter of personal choice. Some models have hot swap battery function. If it is available, the user can quickly change the dead battery to a fresh one and continue driving.

Important! Do not forget about the permissible weight of the user. If the weight is exceeded, then the design may not withstand, and the battery will sit down too quickly.

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