Upholstered chair trend. How to choose upholstery?


Finally decided on new chairs, but do not know what upholstery to choose? We follow the trends and have identified four of the most popular upholstery this season.

Surely you have noticed that fabrics that are pleasant to the touch are in trend today: warm velor and velvet, modern durable and at the same time soft eco-leather (do not confuse with artificial leather), dense chenille, practical matting. Upholstered furniture always makes any room cozy and sincere, and sitting on them is many times more pleasant than on bare wood or plastic.

And it’s also really easy to take care of soft upholstery, because modern production technologies have made it possible to make the best quality fabrics. Eco-leather, unlike artificial leather, does not crumble after a couple of months of use, modern velvety upholstery does not roll over time, and matting is now soft and cozy. But let’s talk about everything in order.

When choosing any of the upholstery, pay attention togeneral requirements for upholstery fabrics:

1. Durability and abrasion resistance

2. Check if the upholstery can withstand cleaning with detergents intended for this material

3. The fabric should retain the brightness of the color, it should not form pellets

Anti-vandal fabric

The most common question we get asked is: do you have chairs in vandal resistant fabrics?

We honestly say that there are no such tissues in nature. But! There are absolute leaders among upholstery, which animals almost do not care about. 95% of cats are absolutely indifferent to… velor!

The secret is simple: velor fabric is very smooth and sharpening claws on it is not at all convenient, the cat’s claws cannot catch on dense upholstery, in which there are no separate threads. It is velor chairs that we advise you to purchase if your cat encroaches on furniture.


And yet — it is the most pleasant to the sensations of the material, it is pleasant to touch. Chairs such as Flex, Sophie, Lyon and others are of high quality — velor does not stretch at the folds and does not wear out over time.

Velvety fabrics change shade depending on the direction of the light, the intensity of the light and its shade. With them, your interior will never look boring.

But at the same time, the material needs to be handled with care. Weekly clean the material from dust and wool with rollers or a special nozzle of a vacuum cleaner, and colored spots can be easily removed with soap foam. Just note that velor (however, like other fabrics) is afraid of alcohol-containing products.


Unlike outdated artificial leather, eco-leather will serve you for many years — it is a highly environmentally friendly modern fabric, durable and elastic, which consists of two layers. Fabric backing and porous polymer coating. This texture breathes well, and eco-leather, unlike artificial, retains the heat of the environment.

This is an ideal material for a family with children: it is not difficult to care for it, even easier than fabrics, because it does not absorb water or dirt, it is enough to wipe it with a cloth and the chair will always be like new.

But note that eco-leather upholstery can be scratched by pets.


Modern matting upholstery is soft and natural, it is an eco-friendly material that is suitable for young children and does not cause allergies.

When choosing chairs made of matting, you choose the practicality and high-quality appearance of the chairs. Due to the structure of the fabric, which is an interweaving of several threads, the matting is very durable. The upholstery will not stretch, the chairs keep their shape perfectly. Gunny does not absorb unpleasant odors, and is great for the kitchen.

Upholstered in matting, our range includes chairs such as Valencia or Volt.


Unlike matting, chenille is a more expensive material and softer, denser to the touch. In the production of chenille, more fluffy fibers are woven into a smooth thread and the material itself is more dense and fleecy.

This is a durable upholstery, has a high wear resistance. Furniture with chenille upholstery looks expensive and noble in any interior.

The disadvantages include a tendency to hooks, the chenille thread is pulled out by the claws of animals. Chenille also requires careful care, careful cleaning, does not tolerate abrasive and alcohol-containing products.

We hope that it has become easier for you to make a choice. Choose the best with us!


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