Umbrella cane as an indicator of status!


The cane umbrella for men has long been an essential part of an elegant wardrobe. Any girl will pay attention to a young man in a classic coat and with a large umbrella in his hands in the pouring rain. Umbrella-cane looks very expensive and gives a more masculine look to its owner. In the eighteenth century, during the reign of the great Peter I, this device appeared in Russia. At that time, the dome was made of leather, and the spokes were made from the bones of large fish. And this invention got its name thanks to the Dutch language, in which it means a canopy. The main task of any umbrella, of course, is to protect the head and clothing from rain. Umbrella cane is quite practical and sturdy model. Our brand LAMBRELLA presents a whole line of classic black cane umbrellas. First: a cane umbrella with a large dome of 24 spokes, large and roomy, suitable for both single and pair walks, the handle is straight, made of rubber that is pleasant to the touch. Second: an umbrella-cane with an average dome of 16 spokes, similar to the first, the handle is also straight rubber. Third: the classic cane umbrella in its purest form, the middle dome of 10 strong needles and the hook handle will delight connoisseurs of the classics. Fourth: a cane umbrella with a large dome, like the first 16-spoke umbrella, will also be an excellent companion for joint walks. A distinctive feature and decoration of this model is a straight handle made of natural wood. Strong and large knitting needles are made of stainless steel and firmly hold the entire structure. These models also have a large dome that can easily fit three people under it and protect everyone from the rain. Elegant, strict and classic, it is ideal for a work or formal look. A man’s cane umbrella is an essential accessory for a modern, respectable, intelligent and stylish man.


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