The best applications for a student


With the help of smartphones, you can not only have fun, but also learn. The main thing is to choose the right tools. Our selection contains the top educational apps for students. They will help you succeed in your studies and just have fun.

Applications for schoolchildren

For younger students

For primary school students, developmental applications are most relevant.

Fixies. Maths

The application will help a primary school student to easily master the world of numbers, teach the basics of arithmetic, introduce basic geometric shapes, form orientation skills in space and teach how to handle watches. It will be interesting for the child to study, because he will not only have to solve problems — he will build a rocket together with the characters of the cartoon «Fixies».

Fixies.  Maths

Important! Some content is available for free, however, to unlock full access, you will need to make an in-game purchase.

The application is regularly updated with new levels. “Fixies. Mathematics» can be downloaded for Android and IOS.

Science experiments for kids (500+)

Children love to learn new things, and scientific experiments are an incredibly interesting topic for them, which, moreover, can instill a love of science and learning from childhood.

Science experiments for kids (500+)

Posted in app over 500 experiments, some of which the child can do on their own, some with the support of their parents. All experiments are as simple as possible and practically do not require material costs. Each comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and a simple detailed explanation of the results. 50 experiments are available for free.

All experiments are divided into 10 collections by topic, including:

  • experiments on vacation and in the country, in the room, in the kitchen;
  • experiments in biology, chemistry and physics;
  • there are also 3 groups of experiments from the French popularizer of science Tom Tit: Light, Mechanics, Focuses.

«Scientific experiments» are aimed at children aged 5 to 13 years, that is, they are primarily for younger students. Nevertheless, the collection will be of interest even to parents.

Important! The application is only available on the IOS platform. Android users can try its counterpart — «Experiments at Home». It is inferior in quality, but will also be educational.

School of Arkady Parovozov

This application is a series of games and cartoons that teach the basics of safety in everyday life and in cases of unforeseen situations.. With the rescuer Arkady Parovozov, kids also develop logical thinking, attention and memory.

School of Arkady Parovozov

Important! Educational materials are available even without the Internet. There is no advertising.

You can study at the «School of Arkady Parovozov» since 4 yearsbut if the child does not yet know the basics of traffic rules and general safety rules, you can start training even at 10. «School» is available on Android and IOS platforms.

For middle and high school

The best apps for a middle or high school student are pretty much all the same, so they’re worth considering together.

Foxford. Textbook

This is an electronic school guide that covers the program for grades 4-11 in 8 main subjects, namely:

  • Russian language;
  • maths;
  • physics;
  • Informatics;
  • chemistry;
  • biology;
  • social science;
  • story.

Foxford.  Textbook

The reference book contains more than 3,000 theoretical materials and over 500 video lessons taught by teachers from top Russian universities (NRU HSE, Moscow State University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology). All materials are structured by topics and classes, search is available inside the textbooks. There is a «Favorites» function.

Depending on the purpose, you can choose difficulty level. There are 3 in total:

  • base;
  • in-depth;
  • olympic.

With «Foxford» it is convenient to prepare both for the next lesson and for more serious tasks — olympiads, GIA and the Unified State Examination. All materials are prepared by professionals: authors of school textbooks, among whom there are representatives of the jury of the All-Russian Olympiad. The textbook is regularly updated, new materials are added to it.

Important! Foxford is a completely free guide. It can be installed on an Android device, as well as on an iPhone or iPad.


PhotoMath compares favorably with most services for solving problems in that does not require manual entry of the task. The application instantly scans it using the camera. You can scan both printed and handwritten text. There is the possibility of editing and self-entry.


After scanning, «PhotoMath» immediately gives a solution, offering several methods. At the same time, the application breaks each task into logical steps and provides explanations for them. Thus the student can understand the solution and understand the topic. All this without an internet connection.

PhotoMath was created by a team of experienced math educators who collaborate with colleagues around the world. «PhotoMath» can be downloaded for free on Android or Apple devices.


This application is a mobile version of the popular educational resource Here you can ask a question on the task and almost instantly get an answer to it. According to the developers, in most cases, the answers come in the first 10 minutes.


Brainly is a platform where schoolchildren help schoolchildren. However, the responses are also reviewed by community experts. Solutions that have passed the examination are marked «Verified». If it is, then the answer is definitely correct. This feature is especially useful for those who are looking for a solution in the archive.

For convenience, all questions are divided by subject, there is a built-in search. Application completely free. «Brainly» can be downloaded on Android and IOS.

Glazary of the tongue

This is an encyclopedic dictionary created at St. Petersburg State University for schoolchildren and students. More precisely, electronic interactive version of the dictionary «Russian language». More than 100 linguists from educational and scientific institutions participated in the creation of the latter: St. Herzen, secondary schools.

The Glazary of Language tells about complex linguistic and literary concepts simply and interestingly, with many examples. It will help to learn more not only about the structure and functioning of the language, but also about its history.

Glazary of the tongue

«Glazary» describes almost 2000 linguistic concepts. He contains over 600 articles, the authors of which are leading linguists of St. Petersburg, and many popular science essays on interesting linguistic phenomena. You can search for materials using different indexes: thematic, alphabetical and author’s.

The official app can only be downloaded from the App Store at the moment. Android users can rate «Russian language. Theory».

Russian spelling

A simple but effective simulator that will help you remember the spelling of complex words. The user is offered spelling tests, supplemented by the rules of the Russian language and the interpretation of unusual words. Each test consists of 10 questions. Misspelled words will be included in the next tests.

Russian spelling

Important! «Spelling» is free, but contains ads that appear after each test. It can be disabled permanently for 49 rubles.

The app is compatible with Android devices. IOS users have access to another product that contains tests in different sections of the language.

Summary of all books

Unfortunately, there is not always time to fully read the books assigned at school, so it is useful to have such a resource at hand. At the base of this application over 20,000 abstracts. You can always save the retelling of the desired work in order to have access to it offline.

Summary of Briefly Books

«Summaries of all books» are available for IOS users. On Android, you can download a similar application — «Summary of the Books of Brifli», the book base in it is smaller, but it covers the school curriculum.


Great app for to learn foreign languages. Suitable for both those who learn from scratch, and those who want to expand their knowledge. Classes are held in a playful way, and this, as science has proven, is the most effective way.


Important! Duolingo provides not only vocabulary, but also allows you to understand grammar, trains writing, reading, listening and even speaking.

Russian speakers can learn English, French, German and Spanish, and soon Swedish. On the basis of English, the study of almost 30 more languages ​​is available, among which there is even Klingon.

it learning app free and, according to the developers, will always be so. Duolingo is compatible with both Android and IOS.

Bonus — 2 cool apps that will be useful to everyone

There are applications that are useful to all students, regardless of age.


This is a school electronic diary, the functions of which are not limited to creating a schedule. In the application, you can keep a full-fledged diary, writing down homework and making notes. Moreover, in iSchool you can save books and textbooks, record simple notes or entire lessons in audio format, and take photos. All materials are available on any device on which this application is installed and logged into the account.


«iSchool» also allows track progress, if recorded in the assessment diary. There is a reminder function about the beginning of the lesson or the need to do homework. You can create a schedule for after hours.

«iSchool» is compatible with Android devices, for iPhones and iPads, you can download the «Electronic Diary of a Student».

ABBYY Lingvo Live

It is impossible to imagine the top applications for students without a good dictionary-translator, and ABBYY Lingvo Live can be called the best mobile product of its kind.

ABBYY Lingvo Live

With ABBYY Lingvo Live, you can translate from 15 languages. It contains more than 140 dictionaries of different directions:

  • general transfers;
  • phraseological;
  • sensible;
  • synonyms and antonyms;
  • educational;
  • thematic;
  • colloquial;
  • professional.

In the app, you can learn new words with flashcards, listen to native speaker pronunciation, automatically translate words, phrases, and whole texts, or ask the community for help with translation. ABBYY Lingvo Live is available for Android and IOS.


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