Ruler cell or how to choose a notebook for school?


Mid-August is the perfect time to start getting ready for school! There are so many things to find and buy — a satchel, writing utensils, office supplies and, of course, notebooks. How not to make a mistake in the bustle of fees and spend money wisely?

Check out our short guide to the important features of notebooks, and you’ll easily find exactly what you need!

  1. Cover design and density. The density of the cardboard determines how neat the notebook will look with constant use.
  2. Line type and margins. All sheets in the notebook should have a clear, but not pronounced line.
  3. Number of sheets. In middle and high school, students will need common or block notebooks. A series of notebooks in a laconic Greenwich Line design “Patterns. Black ‘n’ White» or Urban ring notebook. Aims will appeal to the most demanding teenagers.
  4. Thickness and whiteness of paper. Sheets in a high-quality notebook should not be yellow or gray, but muted white and matte.
  5. Availability of reference information. We recommend that you pay attention to the stylish Art Space “Bright Kraft” set of subject notebooks, by purchasing which you will save yourself from the need to painstakingly select a notebook for each discipline.

It is also important that the staples that hold the sheets together are tightly closed. This will allow your child to avoid injury while using the notebook.

When choosing a notebook for a first grader, pay attention to:

  • cover design. Most often, teachers recommend doing without colorful distracting illustrations. ArtSpace notebooks of the Pyatyorka series with different line options are ideal for younger students;
  • ruler, which should not be bright, so that the eyes of the student do not get tired. The cells should match in the light, and the fields should be red;
  • number of sheets. First graders do not need notebooks larger than 12 sheets and, in addition, large notebooks will add weight to the school bag.

And for parents who are collecting a first grader for school, we have prepared a list with the necessary goods. Good study!


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